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Jeques’s Art Portfolio (page 5)

“To the deeps” dreams inhabiting the canvas, my brush strokes give them soul, and only the palettes could bring to life their hued reflections flickering in my imagination ~

Conspicuous in light and shadows.

 9 to the deeps 1 of 49 to the deeps 2 of 49 to the deeps 3 of 49 to the deeps 4 of 4

 "to the deeps" series #3 of 4 oil on canvas 20x20 by Jeques B. Jamora, 2009

  “to the deeps” series #3 of 4 oil on canvas 20×20 by Jeques B. Jamora, 2009
 This is the time of my life when I am fully in touch with my creative muse and the river of my mind is in its calmest state, where any minute movements are reflected that could stir ripples of dreams, and rapture of colors like the blossoms in springtime.  The pages and the pads and the canvas are like the verdant fields where my dreams bloom. They are like the river in my mind where the fishes swim to the deeps in their coquettish dance moves that prelude to a million dreams. 

 to the deeps series

 “To the deeps,” a series that would be my grown up version of the “dots and lines,” a metaphor for my continuous artistic exploration as a self-taught artist, symbolic of my quest for true love. The series has no beginning, no end. The fishes can swim on and on until my gray hair days: metaphor for eternity.

At midnight

When half the world is asleep,

The prying eyes of the nocturnal owl

Stays alert for mice dozing undergrounds.


A turtle slowly prowls in the swamp

Disturbs the resting fishes

In shallow waters.


Somewhere, you are confined

Asleep in your room dreaming,

While I stay awake questioning.


Am I part of your dreams tonight?

Would I take part in your life

When you awake in the morning?


The night ends

With the owl catching no mice.

The fishes has gone to the deeps,

But the turtle hasn’t reach where ’tis going,

Just like me with my doubts never fading.


But nevertheless always wishing

That one day I’d stop questioning


And to the deeps

I’d just let the fishes



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