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My Genesis


I delight watching things from their outset,

I am soothe to see the genesis of things.

They remind me of the child, the curious eyes

Ever sparkling within.


I see beauty in simpleness of anything even at their lowly outset,

For they possess the genuine truth of precious purity.

They remind me of my beginnings

Like the water glorybinds(kangkong) growing wild in the marshes,

They bring back memories of the backyards

Of some houses I lived as a child.

Water glorybind, river spinach,swamp cabbage, whatever name you call it, for me its "Tangkong" Pencil, pen and ink on paper by Jeques B. Jamora, 2010

In some quiet afternoons during my untamed moments,

I would sit motionless in a corner facing the swamp in our backyard

Listening to the soothing sounds, the slightest of movements

In the still water at one o’clock

When the world in my young mind

Takes a nap with my mother on her siesta.

I would sneak out of the house through the backdoor

To celebrate the joy of my earliest  found solitude

In the company of nature ~


Befriending the dragonflies hovering over my head,

The birds nestling in the reeds,

The snails petiently taking thier journeys from one rock to the next,

While my mind quietly travels to the unknown future

Interrupted by occasional sightings of the gourami

That stir the still water creating tiny ripples on the surface.


But the highlight of the afternoon is the rare sighting of the mudfish(dalag)

Making that splash and swashing sound and wild movements

In the dense growth of the water glorybinds as it swims back to the bushes of reeds,

Where the water of the marshes is knee deep and the herons(tagak) nest.

That magical moment of brief beautiful chaos tickles purest joy of childhood madness.


Cherished memories from my genesis ~

My earliest form of entertainment: my humble version of television,

Or a theatre; watching a movie or a concert ~ my idea of a grand show

Happening in our backyard in an atypic stage, in a silverscreen of water glorybinds

Where the dragonflies, the frogs, the birds, the gourami, the snails, the herons, the mudfish

Are the stars, and I, their sole audience.


The show ends with the voice of my mother calling my name at four o’clock.

That’s when the curtains drop,

The world wakes up,

As I walk back home to the door of my genesis.

"The Dragonfly and I"



Jeques, 2010. From his “Traveler’s Soliloquies poetry collection.


Rising: Welcoming The Light


As I draw the curtains open ~

Welcoming the lights to my room ~ in the morning,

I’m warmly greeted by ethereal scenery

From my window of the garden.


Velv’ty petals, captivating.

Ferns’ fronds waving, pruned bonsai trees, green leaves sparkling.

The morning dew trickles on the leaves, like pearls dripping.

My secret treasures, my blessings.


Along, a light soundtrack playing

Of winds whistling and birds in the background chirping.

Close eyes, I inhaled the eucalyptus essence

Wafting the air of the morning.


A breeze steals me a tender kiss

In my mind, I draw someone’s face, and lips, and wished.

Evanescence, with open eyes my wish vanished.

‘Tis gone, like a dream, leaves no trace.


Fruits mellow as I wake today.

Seeds sprout, birds perch and nestle in the mango tree.

Fishes swim in the pond, confined yet feeling free.

Tendrils cling, vines rising, like me.




There is peace in silence ~

We feel and see life’s essence.

It is in silent moments

That we feel God’s presence.


Try to pause and close your eyes,

You will see truths from lies.

Try to gaze up to the skies,

The heart discovers new things

Invincible to the human eyes.


Now feel the tranquil rhythm of your heart,

Listen closely ~ 

Did you hear that?

My heart sings lovesongs my love.

That’s how close your heart to mine.


Serenity in silence.

In silence you will hear me.

And feel me.

Seize my presence ~

In silence.