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Weekend, Unforgettable!


We travel to open our eyes,

Our minds

Our hearts

To the world

Different from our own . . .

@Ramada hotel, Racine WI

to arrive

at kenosha, WI

in the temporary dwelling place

bday @ kenosha, WI

under a roof where many dwellers took shelter 

relaxing @ the harbor, kenosha

to innhale the earth’s fresh breath, of whissling winds and singing lake.

rendezvous with native amrican community

to commune with the locals

with native americans

to be part of her inhabitants

rendezvous with native american community

to belong to her community

inside tepee camp

to reside in her home

tepee camp, kenosha

to feel safe

rendezvous with native american family

to become part of her family

lighthouse, kenosha, WI

to go back in time following the signals of the earth’s light house

18th century canoe at rendezvous

to dock ashore

 pike river rendezvous at kensha

 to anchor in her harbor

 at the lobby, ramada

to find comfort in her warm embrace

taste of wisconsin

to walk her streets

wisconsin's famous cheese products

to taste her produce


lunch at down town, racine

to dine on her table

harbor market

to shop in her market

with a great artist in the fair

to buy her products

with young artist bros at the fair, racine

to met up with young artists

young artist with his mom

to befriend her vendors

horse carriage

to ride on life’s carriage

with 18th century americans

to blend with the commuters

train joy ride

take a train ride around town

with the juggler bros

to be amused by performing artists, jugglers

with the juggler bro and nephew

to be child-like again

18th century war

to find that quietude in spite of the turmoil

attack of the pirates

to find internal peace in the midst of the present and ancients wars battling in our heads

kenosha museumto be enriched by the heritage

@lakeshore kenosha, WI

to feel refreshed and renewed

@lakeshore, kenosha

to be reinvigorated body and soul

lovely racine, WI

to thank the heavens for the gracesracine park

to seize the moment

ramada patio

to bless the day

funtaine at racine park

to bathe in the earth’s fountains

racine park

to be reassured we are part of the streams of the universe


to be ready for our next  trips

tryin to row

to sail forth

leaving ramada

to embark in life’s new journey again

on and on.

The destination ever beaconing in the distance


We are part of heavens’ immense plans

each one of us is a special thread

that makes up the universe’s colorful tapestries.


. . . Their part of the world and mine are no different afterall,

We take shelter in the same roof

Under the same arched skies.


(Kenosha and Racine, Wisconsin, July 31 to August 2, 2009)

Pulsating Transient Inhabitant


“Childhood” pencil on paper, 07/04/98. By: Jeques B. Jamora

I arrived not knowing what I am here for, where I came from and where I’m going.

At 4 o’clock in the morning on the last day of July, three decades and 5 years ago, another pulsating transient inhabitant came crying on his arrival seeing your light, hearing your sounds, feeling your touch, smelling your scents, and initially tasting the bitter-sweet flavors of life. Am I just another creature born from your womb and would walk the sands of time leaving footprints that would soon vanish with the tides and would be replaced by countless more who would walk your grounds not leaving any marks of our existence? Am I just like another mushroom that suddenly popped one morning from nowhere then gone tomorrow forgotten as you continue to orbit the sun? I came here clueless, just another pulsating transient inhabitant questioning, one more mouth to feed, just another dweller who would explore your every corner and exploit  your resources. 

You did not stop moving when I came. Sunrise as usual. Did you at least hear my cries from one of  the smallest isles in the orient seas where I was born? How many of us where born that day? Do you know where we are now? Do you record the distances we treck? Did you feel our first throbbing pulses in your surface? Are we in some way connected to your core?

Sunrise. Sunset. Days. Nights. I slowly began to come into awareness. I have a mother, a father, siblings ~ a family. My mother is your human manifestiation ~ nurturing. My father is the sky, distant but an authority. My life revolved in that small world I know with my siblings at home as I start to see and differentiate colors; to hear, speak and understand words that formed my thoughts. I rose from my crib crawling, learned to walk and run as I form my earliest memories of failures and falling, of triumphs and flying.


“Unfinished Painting” Oil on canvas, 40×48, By: Jeques B. Jamora 

I started to see and appreciate your beauty. I revere the first bud I saw blooming into flowers. Your trees so tall for the small kid that I was, delighted by their leaves that change colors with the seasons. Your majestic mountain ridges where I first saw the sun rising at dawn, only to set in the other side of the ridges at dusk.  The canopy of trees in your forests filled with all the diverse forms of life I can imagine. Your grass-carpeted plains and valleys, the springs that run through them nourishing every living things, replenished by your rivers that run to the seas. Your enormous oceans that engulf my size everytime I see it. I feel so small, just a tiny speck, like the single grain of sand when I stand in your shores.

I look at the horizon where you and the sky meet and I begin to wonder what’s beyond your vast seas. That curiousity dropped a seed of dream in my heart, my spirit alight to your other side that my eyes are unable to see and my mind could only imagine. You’re supportive of my dreams. You conspire with all the apparent coincidences that let me cross the seas and live my dreams. You are a pampering mother and in all the events and turning points of my life, I commune with you in silence. Am I a favored child? Have I been a good son?

I realize now you never left me in my years of existence. You never fail to remind me of your presence. I still get surprises from you now and then. I had my first snow at 34.

Every day another bud of flower blooms for me. New seed sprouts, fruit mellows, fish swims to your heart, bird learning to fly, baby crawls from the crib, a boy’s first bath in your rain shower, in your river, in the ocean. I am loved. What have I done to deserve all these? You love all your subjects equally but only some few recognizes how enormous your love is.

And when the pulse of this transient inhabitant would stop to beat, you would welcome my return to your navel. You would embrace this mortal body warm in your breasts as my soul begins to descend to an unknown sleep. 

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