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A Match Made In Heaven (A Sonnet For Laarnie and Jed)

A Match Made In Heaven



Allow me to limn your soul with my words,

Let me trace your aura with my fingers

So my pure heart’s lyrics could strum your cords.

Come near, let’s create love-poems together.


Permit my soul to croon you a lovesong.

Open your core to me so I could hear

The ballads of your soul I’d hum along.

For Our hearts blend well in duets dear.


My sweet paired rhymes proclaim our love’s essence

And you’ll be the voice behind my verses

For melodies define our existence

That would soothe every listeners’ senses.


Angels usher us to our destiny.

Heavens paired us in perfect harmony.


I wrote this sonnet and I thought it is perfect poem for Laarnie and Jed. I watched their guesting in the show Boy and Kris and they have such lovely chemistry with powerful “KILIG” factor. Their voices make a perfect blend one could not help but fall in love just hearing them in perfect harmony together.

please click YouTube video clips below to watch them sing impromptu – with credits to dekloy, owner of the video:



below is a link when they sung The Prayer in full version – with credits to star01, owner of the videio:



I’m an Ilonggo, and I have some few personal encounters with Jed when he was just struggling as a singer in Iloilo as the lead singer of “Dye Vest Band,” they used to be very popular in western visayas. Jed used to visit the stores I manage – Penshoppe and Oxygen in Roxas City and Iloilo and I had some brief chat with him as a customer in my stores(I doubt he even remember), but in those brief encounters with him, I can attest he is a good person with a beautiful heart which in my opinion is a perfect match for our princess, Laarnie.

Other than Ronnie Liang, Jed is on the top of my list among the established stars that would make a perfect loveteam for our star – I thought he would compliment Laarnie’s gift with their great voices and our princess would be in good hands with this certified good hearted star. I don’t necessarily expect, and-they-live-happily-ever-after kind of thing, what I’m saying is the match would surely make good and strong impact. If they take their relationship to the next level, it’s really up to them – who are we to teach their hearts?

I look forward to see and hear them sing love songs together. I hope ASAP would put them in a segment where they would sing duets every sunday. 

For their hearts blend well in duets dear.


The Silent Spectator


I remain a silent spectator, a bystander watching love from the coast. I have not yet placed that last card in the table, I have not yet gambled my heart to anyone. I’m like a boat watching the ocean wanting to sail, but choose to remain in the harbor, in the seashore silently waiting. I’m known to be always in control, I’m independent minded. I maneuver my own life, never afraid to plunge into the ocean of uncertainties but when it comes to love, I chose to stay in the harbor. Love, like anything else, is a game of chance, you gamble and you put your heart at stake. It is not really fear that’s stopping me ~ that could be when I was younger. But now, that’s not really the reason.

This is the time of my life when I already know how to choose my battles  ~ so I don’t rush anymore into something that’s not worth it. That, I think, explains why I remain an observer, still unattached and why I choose to remain a silent spectator at this point of my life. I view a quite different side of love from this angle, not too many would understand me especially in this age when people get hooked to anything “instant.” I’m not coward, or jerk or something, don’t get me wrong. No. I’m a risk taker in other fields but not with love. I place love in the highest esteem, I vow not to play with it. If I find somebody who would share to view love this way from this angle, I would be glad to gamble. It is only then that I would finally place my last card on the table, it is only then that I would gamble my heart and take on sail.

It is for this reason that I haven’t written anything “Torrid.” For how could I write something that I haven’t really done. I have two poems written which used the word “torrid,” in quite unusual manner, I think they express that unconcious yearning inside. I thought these poems are the soft whispers of my heart, the silent spectator.


My Story begins in the morning, before sunrise;
Stars are nowhere to be seen in the gray morning skies;
The roads are wet from the rain that bathe the humid night.
A quiet place; shadows fade, giving in to the lights.

I closed my eyes briefly, and smelled the essence of dawn:
The scents from flower buds opening to greet the sun;
Ricefields smoldering with fog of morning after rain;
And the aroma of coffee from someone’s kitchen.

I heard the crickets’ noise behind the bushes fading,
And the frogs in nearby streams praising God for the rain.
My eyes sparkled to the lights of the fleeting moments;
The roasters’ cries awakened me from my reverie.

The sun peeks through the lush trees creeping up slowly;
In awe, I watched the drama unfolding before me.
The wild wanton wind blow my cheeks with torrid kisses;
I wished it came from the lips of a love I longed to have.

The day is bright; the flowers I can now see clearly;
The verdant fields, and azure skies in their hued glory.
I saw birds taking off the skies, soared, chasing the lights;
They streached their wings wider, as they fly higher today.

I feel like the birds embarking to a pristine day;
Like the fishes swimming toward the heart of the sea.
Travelling, I, too, am ready to conquer the day;
I tread the roads, and cross the sea; I am on my way.

(From the poe , “Traveling: Chasing The Lights,” By: Jeques B. Jamora, 2005) 


Wary of waking the isle that still sleeps,
I dress up sofly for my morning walk.
I sneak out to the hazed dawn in mild steps,
And resumed my mute traveler’s self talk.

I begin my strides keeping myself close
To the shorelines of the insomniac sea.
I savor the briny breeze through my nose,
With consent, the winds kiss me torridly.

I took off my sandals to feel the sand
That longs to touch the bare soles of my feet.
The cool rush of breakers reach where I stand ~
I commune with nature ~ our spirits meet.

My voids are replenished by the sea.
In return, I shed my life’s loads off me.

(From the series poem “A Traveler’s Soliloquy” By: Jeques B. Jamora, 2006)

 silent spectator

For writer’s Island prompts: “Torrid and Gamble



Life is a series of coming and going, of departures and arrivals, of leaving and coming-home, And in between are transitions.

I am fascinated with transitions. Each of life’s passages are spellbinding quiet moments that transform us: the stage of becoming.

Like I love to observe that time of day before sunrise, that passage from darkness to the coming of light and the raptures of colors that come in between ~ the advent of life: the dawning.

Like a child awakening and starting to see beauty, the sun, too, rises in the child’s face, when he smiles and that twinkle in his eyes seeing things for the first time.

We fall to rise. The sun sets, but tomorrow it is sure to rise again ~ and the transitions.

Many times, I stumble and fall and felt like darkness over-shadow me. But the morning makes me like a child again, seeing things in different ways, the dawning of understanding and so I rise again to embrace the promise of a new day.


Goodbye my eventide, the dawn’s now here.

Your clinging shadows are all behind me,

‘Tis time I face the light I used to fear,

And welcome the promises of a new day.


I will now fold your comforting blanket,

Which has kept me warm and safe overnight.

‘Tis time I place it back in the casket,

My life’s streams will flow and I should not fight.


The morning knocks behind the window pane,

I am enthused to rise from my slumber.

To allow the breezes to ease the pain,

From the yesterdays I still remember.

I will open myself like the window.

My body yearns, my eyes long for the light.

I will miss the silence of your shadow,

But I can no longer stay in the night.


Farewell darkness my silent confidant.

You know my secrets and heard all my sighs.

Outdoors, my new grounds are turning verdant.

Hello sunrise, would you now end my cries?

(My Silent Confidant By Jesus B. Jamora, 2006)


And life goes on. We progress to the midday of life.


We learn many new things and many new different ways to reach distances ~

as far as we could go.

Becoming is always enriching than being: the hatching.

The bitter-sweet transitions: 

we love and get hurt,

we create memories and bruises,

get scarred but see the stars, 

And yes, we learn anyway.


What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

We gain wisdom from our falls.

We reach a point of balance, the hard to earn equanimity: the mellowing.

And then we arrive before a fork road or the edge of the coast, the seemingly end of a journey but we see new horizons. We are to choose to move on or stay. 

Is it the arrival or another departure?


No matter how far the distances we go, we are sure to arrive to a sunset.

The afterwords of our journey: the epilogue of life. 

The calm and quiet transition before we close our eyes.  .  .t7

The moment of bliss as we watch the last light before going to a peaceful slumber. 


We arrive to the time of life when we need to sit back and see how life has been ~ 

reminiscing moments, finding joy in viewing snapshots of places, things, and people posted in the corkboard of our hearts.

Watching flashbacks, of our life in rewinds.

Like the spellbinding dusk, we find bliss in revisiting colorful memories.


The roads that took us away are the same roads that will take us home.

For life is a series of coming and going.


Are the roads we are treading now take us away, or leading us home?

We dapart to arrive, like the sun sets

to rise again.

For life is a series of falling asleep and awakening.

What have we done in between? 

The Photographs were taken during my recent home-coming, and my visit to the spellbinding Boracay Island, Philippines.

Have you visited the Writers Island recently? Please do. Click link below:


This week we are prompted in the island to write about “Spellbound” and “Awakening”

This is my contribution.

Nostalgia(For Writers Island)


“Nostalgia” oil on canvas, 30×38. By: Jesus Jeques B. Jamora, November 2007

I was born and I grew up in one of my homeland’s scattered islands, in the heart of the Philippine Archipelago. Our country is embraced by the sea; if God is the ocean, then He must have loved the Filipinos so much. We are constantly caressed by the sea waves come high tide or low tide,  the ocean enfolds us. We are generously showered by God’s salty kisses.



Rare pearls of south sea

Strewn on far off  shores

Conspicuous gems.

(From my Filipino Immigration, Haiku Series #5)

The beach is one thing I miss about home ~ my walks in the sea shores, the brine touching my skin, the sand tickling the soles of my feet, the view of the open sea’s apparent horizon nourishing my dreams. I am now here ”beyond that horizon,” which I just used to watch in my walks in the strands.

Sometimes, you will never really know and understand a thing until you stay away from it. I now undertand better what I love about my country, and what I miss about home. The sea is one of them.

My earliest memory of the sea are the mangroves. These dense thickest along the rivers and the tidal shores was my first view of the sea. We live in the inland, so before I saw the endless emerald green seas under the azure skies, my young eyes was already captured by this mystical greens that lined the coasts and the river banks. There is something in their verdancy that transport me back in time.

Mangroves are time machines of my nostalgia for simplier, uncomplicated life of childhood. It brings me back to the summer of my youth, of my first boat ride, of  fishing, of hunting, of swimming in the pristine river brine. My happy thoughts and bitter-sweet longing for my first sunburn.


Photographs from my recent home-coming to the Philippines.


The Sea, You and Me

I’ve seen how everything are connected

That somehow we are one ~ interrelated.

As I tread the sands stretching to the sea,

And my size is engulfed by its infinity,

I watch in great wonder how God links things.

And How God connected you to me~


The seawaves gently kissing the seashores.

The shore that’s bed to the infinite sands.

The sand that reaches the roads, that lead me home.

The home inside my heart where you belong.


You are safe in my heart you are home now.

Today, as you open the doors, streets you will see.


Walk the streets, it will lead you to me.

The many winding roads take you somewhere,

To the beach, maybe.

The beach where the sands are gathered

Forming the fine strands kissed by the sea.

The sea that stretches reaching me here.

The enormous sea that links you to me.


Thinking of the sea, painting the mangroves, feeding my nostalgia. When shall the salty sea-breeze of home ever kiss me again?

~ Jeques




Valentines Seen In A Different Light

valentines 3

Dawn: The moon and the sleepless sea. Boracay Island, Philippines

I never had somebody to call mine,

Nobody ever called me their Valentine.


A Certified single since birth,

I share to no one my life’s mirths.


I understand, and have few compaints.

I remain not jaded, am free of taints.


There’s no space for bitterness in my heart,

Ardor overflows in its every part.

valentines 2

 Midday: Taking Sails. Boracay Island, Philippines


But no matter how strong or smart I am,

There’s no guarantee that pain wouldn’t come.


I welcome pain with open mind,

I wait for love for me to find.


I loved and was hurt, too, once.

Though ’twas an unconsumated romance.


We took on sail, but not moored our feelings.

So we soared and fell like birds with broken wings.


There are no more emblems left of our love,

But the sad poems chanted by a waif dove.


Dusk: Waif dove. Boracay Island, Philippines 


Pages turn yellow, and the mind forgets,

But the soul recalls the songs of our heartbeats.


And now, for a broken heart like mine,

How would I greet you, Happy Valentines?


I’ve nothing to share, I could only comment:

Anchor your love, celebrate each moment.


You’ll never know how special the love you’ve done,

Til the person you’ve shared it with is gone.


When The Feeling Is Gone

touching the sand 

 Bay-bay, Roxas City, Philippines. January 30, 2008



I tried to dip my toes in the water,

To try to re-live the past;

To check if the feeling is still there,

But the magic is gone.

The things that used to remind me of you

Has become just ordinary things as they were,

For they are.

Back to the way they used to be.


I used to see your face in the flowers

Now I only see petals.

The cotton clouds in the sunny skies

Don’t form to spell your name anymore ~

Not even the stars.


kisses in the breeze gone

Bay-bay, Roxas City. Philippines. January 30, 2008



The arched sky ceased to echo your memories like before,

I don’t feel your kisses in the breeze anymore.


I’m sorry,

But I think we lost the magic.



I didn’t feel the usual thrill

In my return;

I didn’t feel your presence

When the brines caressed my toes,

And stopped to yearn for your embrace.

The sands even failed to tickle the soles of my feet

Like your thoughts

Unable to summon up my fancy.

Archives in my heart

Boracay Island, Philippines. January 26, 2008

So now I gather the sweet ruins

From our past

Becoming just part

Of my valued collections.

They are safe in a folder

In my memory;

You are treasured in a vault

In my heart as ever.

Only now you belong

To the archives.


Dawning Magic

dawning magic

Boracay Island, Philippines. January 26, 2008

I start to paint a new story

In the night’s fading black canvas.

The brines wash the shores

Back to pristine white

From the stains of yesterdays.

The dark shadows of last night

Start to leave the skies

As the rays of morning light

Begin to dawn.

The moon bids goodbye

To her reflections in the sleepless sea.

As I welcome the new beginnings

Of my life’s dawning magic.


dawning magic

Boracay Island, Philippines. January 26, 2008

A few of you know the passing away of my father and my coming home to the Philippines – the reason for my absence here for quite awhile. I would like to thank everyone who dropped by my nook and left kind words that help ease my grief. I would like to share with you the piece I delivered during my father’s necrological rites as my way of saying Thank You

I wish you all well.

~ Jeques

“Dawning Magic” is my contribution to Writers Island prompt this week: Magic. Please click link below to navigate to the writers island:


The Flickering Lights (Over The Horizon)

Three things that relax me:

Morning walks,

the sea

and dreaming.

I used to walk every day before sunrise when I was still in the Philippines, and my morning walks would usually end in the beach that opens to the sea where I conceive my dreams. ‘Tis my daily pilgrimage and like any pilgrims, my walks, my short journey to the sea enriches me. There is much more wisdom gained in becoming than in being. It is in my daily walks that I composed many of my poetry, that I conceived many new and sometimes crazy ideas. I feel connected to the streams of inspirations, creativity over flows, I commune with nature, I am in-touch with my creator. 

I walk to understand life, I walk to find me.

 A Traveler’s Soliloquy (Prologue)


On the steep cliff at the edge of the coast,

Lies a vine that bears a rare white flower ~

Hanging in wait like a forlorn soul, lost.


The sirens of the calm ocean whisper;

Echoing with the mountains’ dirge like ghost.

These plangent cries pervade the dawn’s zephyr:


 “Let go of your clinging grip; it is time.

Your fate beacons from the unknown distance.

Hear the ringing of your destiny’s chime,

Answer the summons of this tenuous chance!”



The flower’s ineffable faith in life

Propels its heart to will to face its fears;

To transcend many generations’ strife,

And to fulfill the tales oft told by seers.



So, in the young hours of the morning,

Along the threnody crooned by the wind

The flower cut its thin fiber clinging.

To seize its future, this passage’s end ~


I arrive in the beach just before the sun appears over the horizon. I look at that boundary where the skies kiss the sea, you could not  tell where the earth ends and the heavens begin. It is one of the calmest scene one could ever see. I feel so small before the ocean and the arched skies. I am humbled by God’s genius painting the skies with colors that no artist could ever duplicate. And then slowly, some flashes of lights burst over the horizon that astounish me everytime. I am silenced. What comes next is a magical moment when the sun takes flight completely leaving its last kiss to the sea, the magical moment happens when the flickering lights appear like glitters strewn over the ocean.

The hepnotic flickering lights over the horizon inspire my reveries, promising endless possibilities. My dreams lie beyond the horizon: where the sea birds fly, where I saw the airplanes disappear, where the glitters are more brilliant.

Years later, I have crossed the sea. I soared in the skies higher than the sea birds, I went where the airplanes disappear, I alight in the land of endless possibilities to live my dreams. I arrived in the blank space over the horizon that I only used to watch in my morning walks, in the sea, in my dreams.

It was a journey that started with my morning walks, look where my dreams brought me. It is an enriching journey. the wisdom I gained along the way are the glitters I gathered that are now part of me. I am miles away from home – that’s the warm glow I watch over the horizon now. Somewhere behind that glow where the sun kiss the sea is my home, my reasons for coming here and where all these glitters I collect some day would belong.

Three things I wish I will have forever in my life:

Morning walks,

the sea

and dreams.

I could not tell where this three would bring me from where I am now. The flickering lights over the horizon beacon endless possibilities. New dreams are conceived, my heart is ready, I open my arms in acceptance.

A Traveler’s Soliloquy (Epilogue)


I reached the edge of the coast at twilight.

Walking back, I draw deep breaths of relief.

The sea is tinged with sunset’s crimson light.

On my path are flowers strewn on the reef.

I picked the salient flower in pure white,

When I looked up, I see vine-drapes on cliff.





The Strand Ever Awaits

Yesterday, we trod the shore together.

                           Last night the oblivious seawaves

                                       Washed our walk marks.

This morning it is ready

                        For my solitary footprint.

                                       I don’t know where this path

And tomorrow will take us.

                              But it is certain the strand

                                                                    Ever awaits ~