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Piquance retires to dormancy.

Cold besieged the waning blaze

As days take longer sleep

For now,

And I take shelter in dreaming.


My spirit drops

To quiecence

This time.

I travel still, but ~

Only now my journey

Moves inward.

Winter wouldn’t freeze

Life’s pagination.

Snowfalls bring

Frosty slate

Of pristine pages

Ready for my thoughts

To carve icy tracks.

As my mind skids down

To quiescence ~

For now.


I wrap myself

To nothingness

From your view,

Retiring to my cocoon

For my travels

This time

Points inward.


I chase the wake of change

Where sunrise breaks on ridges ~

The towering ridges

That lies on quiescence



Autumn Dance

The rhythm slowed

The pitch dropped

The beats from the drums of summer

Are halted ~ adrenaline waned ~

To give way to the mild strumming of the cords

Switching the sound mood to acoustics.


The dancers changed costume

In colors, but tinged

With earthy tones.

The stage is decorated with melancholy.

The lights subdued,

Shadows more pronounced

From bright to dim.


And then the autumn dance begins.


The dancers take their grand entrance from above;

Pirouetting in the air

Following the rhythms of the wind ~

The rustling sound ~ their music.


The show enraptures

To a colorful dance

As the players in the grandest

Of the show

Take their fleeting turns

On the stage,

Suspended in mid-air,

Before they take a bow

To an inevitable finale ~


One by one ~


They fall to the grounds

Of happy ending

Leaving such lovely clutter ~


One by one ~


They take their corners

Creating colorful tapatries

Covering the earth floors

Like quilts where they become

Momentary insulation

To pulsating inhabitants

Against the impending cold ~

One by one ~


They take their exit

To a good autumn rest

And winter sleep ~


One by one ~


The audience leave the outdoors,

Acquiescent and resigned

To the shelter

Of their roofs, the brick walls

Taking refuge in the hearth

Of the once dormant fireplace

Now awake.


One by one

The dancers and the audience leave.

The autumn dance ends

To a freeze.


My mind figure skates

As I hear the approaching

Crystal-like sound

Of winter.

Home Sick In Autumn


What is there left to write,

When my sense of home has faded.

Fallen souvenirs pirouette in the air ~

Leaves dancing downwards ~ like specter.

The ink must wait, and rest til winter is over

(My spirit retires to quiescent under the covers)

Things freeze like the trees, even the lake dozes.


As wakeful hours become less and less,

Mind loses its bluntness,

The page speechless.

Distance drained my veins bloodless

Even the pulse of my pen ceases.


I’m losing grip of the eidolon of home, 

It’s warmth I no longer recall.

Like the trees losing their leaves to autumn,

The hands of memories that used to lift me,

For a time, fail to save my spirit to fall.


I let the cruel wanton winds to take me;

I trust the higher will would be kind.

I write my thoughts in the palms of the season,

I trust them to come back in time.


When my sense of home fills me up again;

When revenant of home,

Like eidolon,


Jeques, 2009. From his “A Traveler’s Soliloquies” poetry collection.

White And Blue


And it’s as if some hands

Just suddenly

Switch the whites

The blues,

The lights off,

And everything else,

All the other colors 

Blend with black,

Dissolve to darkness;

Blue and white vanish

To shadows of memory.


Like white and blue

Of summer fun

Kite flying in my mind,

And then a raging storm came

To claim it

Paper kite dissolves

Never to return.


Like paper boats

Sent off to blue ocean,

Wilting to uncertainties.


Cotton soft clouds,

Pristine white

Smudge on blue 

Like powder

On cheeks of youth,

On the calm face of heaven.

And then came

Some turmoil to claim

Pristine mirths

Lost to time.


Like some hands

Just suddenly let go

Of their grips,

Leaves falling from the trees.

"autumn" pen and colored pencil on paper by Jeques B. Jamora, 2009
“autumn” pen and colored pencil on paper by Jeques B. Jamora, 2009


Canopies losing their verdant color

Green is naught,

Belonging to distant

Summer dreams

As green concedes

To the will of the season.


Like some hands

Switch all the street lamps off

Just like that,

And the once lighted alleys

Dimmed to fears of uncertainties.


White and blue

And all the vibrant colors

Dissolve to melancholy.


Would it be nice

To walk the dark alleys unafraid,

Holding hands with someone ~

To catch the falling leaves,

To feel warm around each other’s presence

In the midst of rain;

To watch the kite dissolve to skies of memories,

To sail the seas on paper boats,

Re-live mirths,

Summon lost colors

Celebrate white and blue


And to feel safe

Even in black.

The poem is written in memory of my white sony vaio computer, the only thing that stayed and gave me company for the last 3 years, just suddenly went black, and all files gone to untangible memories. My lost made me retrospective of things I lost that I could never re-claim, but my heart is large enough to contain all the memories.

It was total darkness for the past few days, and the leaves are falling outside my window as autumn claims vibrant life from the trees, to give my lost such a gloomy backdrop.

I found company in my new computer, it’s still our getting to know each other stage for now. And oh by the way, my new pc notebook, his color is black.

Lessons From Autumn


Lessons From Autumn

BY: Jeques B. Jamora, fall, 2008

The earth calls the leaves to come home

My crying couldn’t stop the changing season.

Like my tears falling on my chest,

The autumn leaves return to the earth’s breast.

The winds of fall sing lonely tunes

The shy smile of dawn turns the day to gloom.

The heavens weep soaking the trees with rain,

As I watch you leave and endure the pain.

Destiny’s taking back my joys of spring,

My crying couldn’t stop you from leaving.

Like the leaves falling to the earth’s bossom,

I’ll await in silence ’til you come home.

The trees and the leaves taught me acceptance;

The earth taught me to wait for second chance.


Note: for background music, please click and play this >>> If I could be where you are

The Autumn Leavings

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I feel for the tree this season

The autumn leavings make me sad.

The tree must be cursing the winds

He doesn’t want his leaves to fall.

Like I sometimes loathe

The changing season

For I don’t want to lose a friend.

I feel sorry for the leaves this season

Their descent makes me sad.

The leaves must be praying

Their would be no rain,

For they’re afraid to fall.

Like I pray the departings

Would be less painful ~

Though I need to set a friend free.

For no matter how the tree keeps its strong grip;

How the leaves keeps on clinging,

And me keeps on holding on ~

I know we need to let go

And accept the changing season.

The tree, the leaves and I

We are sad of the Autumn leavings.

For we don’t want to lose a friend. 

Early Fall (Tula – a Pilipino poem)


Nalalanta ang mga halaman

Plants are wilting.

Nalalagas ang mga dahon


At bulaklak.

and flowers descending

Natitigang ang lupa

The grounds are drying

Sabay ng pagtulog ng mga batis, ilog at lawa

As the springs, and rivers, and lakes fall asleep

Sa pagsapit ng taglamig.

With the coming of winter.

Sa kanilang pagkaidlip,

On their sleep,

Ang mga puno

The trees

Ay nadarapa

Take a bow

At babalik kung saan sila nagsimula ~

Returning where they came  ~

Sa lupa.

To the grounds.

At doon ay hihimplay

And ’tis there that they would sleep

Mag-aabang sa muling pag-agos

To await again for the ebb

Ng Buhay.

Of life.


Sa kanyang pangungulila,

On his longing,

Sya ay tahimik na maghihintay.

He will await in silence.

Tulad ko rin,

Like me,

Patuloy na umaasa

Continually hoping

Na muli kang babalik

For your return

Upang sa akin ay muling ialay

To give me back

Ang pag-ibig mo

Your love

Na nagbigay

That gave

Sa akin ng buhay.

Me life.


Sa unang pagpatak

On the first drop

Ng ulan

Of rain

Sa pagsapit ng tagsibol,

At springtime,

Muling babangon

The trees

Ang mga puno.

Will rise again.


Pipintig nang muli

My heart

Ang aking puso.

Would start to beat again.

Sa iyong pag-babalik,

In your return,

Ako ay mabubuhay ng muli ~

You will breath me life anew ~


Uusbong ang mga dahon,

The leaves would sprout,

Mula sa mga lanta na sanga ng puno,

From the wilted twigs of the trees

Ang aking pagmamahal

My love

Tulad din ng mga bulaklak

Like the flowers

Ay mamumukadkad.

Will bloom

At Iibig nang muli

And my heart

Ang aking puso.

Will love again.


Summer, Gone

You came to bring me summer sunshine,

You left to leave me autumn gloom.

Like a speeding train,

Summer came

And Gone.

What happened to the vibrant days,

Where have my sunshine gone?

Why do the clouds just suddenly

Hid you?

My smile, don’t fade away

Please no!

Why do you have to give up

Your sunny yellow ~

Have I not brought

Your life some bright lights,

Why do we have to go apart

In blue?

Would the evening light

Sustain us

In this changing season,

Would it ease

The growing yearning

With its subdued


I rest my heart

In this lonely season.

But I would keep our paths


Of grass growths.

May the railroad

That took you away

Would lead you


And when you’re tired

Chasing the changing seasons,

You could always return

To an endless

Summer ~

Here in my resolute


Lovely Droppings

Now that my petals

Are starting to fall,

I fear

If you would still think

Of my colors

When I am gone.

Would you still recall

My sun-kissed hue

If winter

Would cover me

With its freezing blankets

Of snow?

Would you hold me

In my sleep

And keep

My warm thoughts

In your memory?

At spring time,

Would you wait

For my re-birth

To start life anew?

To welcome you.

We’ll bathe

In love

Under the sun.

To grow

Bunch of buds

Of cherished moments.

But soon,

The summer sun

Would be ending.

Before it sets,

Let me leave you

With lovely droppings.

May my colors

Would sustain us

‘Til next spring.

‘Til I see you again.

Signs Of Autumn

Signs Of Autumn (Haiku)

Found leaf on the sand

Brought by wanton winds of fall

My signs of autumn.

Sign Of Automn

signs of autumn #2 – my initial attempt on photography

I’m watching the leaves falling from the trees outside my window as I write this. Autumn is now on its full-blown glory, trees are displaying their colorful raptures before their leaves descend like showers of confetti, covering the earth floors as if some royalties are coming to walk the path. 

Just some weeks ago, I was looking forward to this. Autumn came a little late this year. I was so eager, I searched for signs of autumn in places I went and found only some hints of the impending season.

The leaves do their final waves to the heavens. For the last time, they flirt with the chilly winds and take a bow to a graceful  touch down leaving the sleepy trees with bald canopy. I watch the unfolding pageantries outside as I ponder upon my personal journey inside.

I am at the peak of life’s summer season. I still have a sunny temperament as I celebrate my existence. I’m still capable of reinventing myself, welcoming new things, embrace them with child-like enthusiasm and with a grown-up patience. But like I did weeks back, I’m also searching myself for signs of autumn. For I know that soon, I, too, will fall on the same ground and take my final bow. I remember a beautiful line from the movie, My House In Umbria ~ “We can not hold on to something beautiful forever, even to summer.”

And so, here I am, in the middle of fall, caught on the web of profound contemplations. Could this be an indication of my autumn?

I’m becoming more of a mind person now than physical that I used to be when I was younger. I now prefer the laid back than the hurried kind of lifestyle which I enjoyed in my teen’s to late 20’s. My idea of fun has mellowed like my taste for music. I’m beginning to like the classic ways of dressing ~ gone is my peacock choice for colors. I would now be a pale leaf when placed among the verdant leaves of youth. I’m fading to earth tone colors, but keeping to memory my colorful youth.

I still have enough years to spend before my autumn. Instead of fearing it, I’d like to face it head-on. Like the leaves, I would like to display my best waves to heavens. I’m taking aging cheerfully like I’m taking my being single lightly.


30’s And Still Single(Humor Poem)

By: Jeques B. Jamora 

When you’re still single at your 30’s

You’re apt to be asked with some questions.

Like I’m always asked during weddings by my Aunties:

“So, are you next in line?” (to get married)

I oft find this question so annoying,

But I don’t get mad, I just get even.

So during funerals When I meet them,

Please don’t dare me ask them that same question:

“So, are you next in line?” (to be burried)

For I’ll surely get a slap in my face.


I would like to dally some more with the winds, and with life. I would like to display my brilliant hues before they finally fade, before I totally loss my colors and perform my final bow to a slow graceful landing.

I would like to come home to my creator and bring Him good stories and tell Him: “God, here I am, I did all that. I’ve come home.”



 My Anthropomorphism To A Leaf

By: Jeques B. Jamora, 2006


Leaves are like pages, as books are trees.

I, a leaf in God’s verdant forests ~

A single thread on earth’s tapestries.


I awake in the morning of springtime

Lift my face towards the azure skies

I’m in tune with the universe’s rhyme.


I dance with the rhythms of mild zephyr

That oscillates me with its genial whisks

God’s omnipresence fills my need for air.


I am cleansed by the pristine rain shower,

Moisturized by mists, polished by the winds ~

I glow with the steady gaze of summer.


When I turn red and fall on October,

I hope you create something out of me,

Before my descent to earth in winter.


I could be greeting cards for lonely hearts.

Write a poem about my fleeting life.

Immortalize my beauty in your arts.


Insert me in the page of your book,

For ’tis in your core that I’ll find my nook.


signs of autumn #1 – my initial attempt on photography

Signs Of Automn