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For Your Reference: A Veledictory Address

For those looking for Valedictory Address reference. I hope this piece I wrote would be of help. My small contribution. . .

Jeques's Web Nook (YEAR NINE)

My Contribution To The Future
A Valedictory Address  written for my niece, Angelie Jamora Escrupulo in 2008-2009.
(Note: Every year,  around this month, my Web Nook is visited by people searching for Valedictory Speech. This piece was written 2 years ago for my niece for her graduation; the number of clicks on the post prove that somehow it’s been a good reference for people needing to write or deliver a valedictory address. For the benefit of these people, I am reposting this piece and hope it continue to serve it’s purpose. I wish you well ~ Jeques)

I arrive today to this moment, standing facing a new frontier. Before this moment pass me by, let me take each detail, each piece of memories, each body of thoughts, the knowledge, the wisdom, the important life’s lessons, all the gifts and blessings that this moment is giving me so I could take them…

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