Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007


Piquance retires to dormancy.

Cold besieged the waning blaze

As days take longer sleep

For now,

And I take shelter in dreaming.


My spirit drops

To quiecence

This time.

I travel still, but ~

Only now my journey

Moves inward.

Winter wouldn’t freeze

Life’s pagination.

Snowfalls bring

Frosty slate

Of pristine pages

Ready for my thoughts

To carve icy tracks.

As my mind skids down

To quiescence ~

For now.


I wrap myself

To nothingness

From your view,

Retiring to my cocoon

For my travels

This time

Points inward.


I chase the wake of change

Where sunrise breaks on ridges ~

The towering ridges

That lies on quiescence




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