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My Daily Photo-Blog (July, 2011)

Words don’t always come easy, photographs speak.
I’ve read a book by Robert Fulghum: The Third Wish. A beautiful novel, but what stuck in my mind the most to be breathing with life of truth from the book is our innate need as humans to have somebody witness our life. The book put to words something we need that was never given a name. Robert Fulghum in his book, The Third Wish, succeed to name this natural desire, this natural need, this natural longing.
Last month, my birthday month, as a gift for myself I got me a new camera with a purpose to capture in photographs what I see everyday – words don’t come easy, but with pictures, it would tell at least a slice of my always meaty day. And perhaps, those that view them bocome my witnesses like I am to the many things, and places, and people, and inspirations that abound my day. This is My Daily Photo-Blog.

My Third Wish: To find a witness and become one.

(Here’s the slide show of my July 2011 Daily Photo-blog.

I wish you well, everyone.

~ Jeques

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