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Afternoon Tea, Cherries and Poetry



I feel its presence 

Unsually more often lately.

Hint of air implies

Impending  cold

With undertone of blue,



Brilliance wanes;

Vigor slowed, esprit concedes

As vibrant colors fade to shadows

On its advent.


Soon the eyes of day

Would close to a lengthy blink,

As spirits would seek refuge

And safety in the burrows.


A small space

Under the covers

Would suddenly be home

To weary souls

As warriors come home

From battles completed.


Birds would seek their roost;

Shepherds would gather their herds,

Hens their flocks

As lovers cuddle each other

In their arms,

Embracing eventide.


Would you kiss me goodnight?


Would it be nice to share afternoon tea, cherries and poetry with someone? Just curious.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques



One response

  1. jeques,

    i think this is a repost of a poem you published previously? but i feel that this poem has that timeless and refreshing appeal. when i am reading your verses, i remember the film “evening” with vanessa redgrave and claire danes in it. i can feel the waning and the mellow mood of the twilight time. and the intimacy beckons the living to cherish the impending nightsky filled with the moon and the stars. lovely and exquisite feeling. all the best.

    AM00000090000002231 10, 2007 at 12:00 am07

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