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To keep a tranquil state within

Amidst the sudden gusts

That test my calm.


To keep one’s wits anchored

Against the raging tides

That threaten my vessel to breakdown.


To find the quiet in the heart

After every throbbing blows

Stretching my chamber.


To keep my balance

As I tread the narrow beam

Crossing the river wild of the moment.


Impervious to the blows of life

Resistant to hurting

Immune to sudden falls.


Entrusted with super powers,

I wear my painproof costume

Of equanimity every day.





One response

  1. jeques,

    it seems that this is a reminder, an everyday mantra you keep on reciting to yourself. they say, the secret of staying calm is detachment. detachment to the things that hurt you. telling yourself that your happiness is never anchored to the things that surround you but to a place that you know which is within that no one can intrude. a nice poem, that will ought to be my reminder too.

    AM00000060000003231 10, 2007 at 12:00 am07

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