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As I draw the curtains open –

Welcoming the light to my room – in the morning,

I’m warmly greeted by ethereal scenery

From the window of the garden.

"re-birth" by jeques, 2011


Velv’ty petals, captivating;

Ferns’ fronds waving, pruned bonsai trees, green leaves sparkling.

The morning dew trickles on the leaves, like pearls dripping.

My secret treasures, my blessings.

"re-birth" #2 by Jeques, 2011


Along, a light soundtrack playing,

Of winds whistling, and birds in the background chirping.

Closed eyes, I inhale the eucalyptus essence,

Wafting in the air of morning.

"re-birth" #3 by Jeques, 2011


A breeze steals me a tender kiss,

In my mind, I draw someone’s face and lips, and wished.

Evanescence, with open eyes, it vanished.

‘Tis gone like a dream left no trace.

"re-birth" #4 by Jeques, 2011


Fruits mellow as I wake today.

Seeds sprout, birds perched and nestle in the mango tree.

Fishes swim in the pond contained, yet feeling free.

Tendrils cling, vines rising, like me.

"re-birth" #5 by Jeques, 2011

The poem is titled, “Rising: Welcoming the Light” from Jeques’s  poetry collection, 2005


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