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Unsung Beauty

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I revere the things that flourish

Not needing praise. Unselfish.

Ever giving to the world

That’s often thankless,

But still give

And just give.


Like the florae thriving in the wild,

Blowing the murky gorges

With colorful breathes.

Needing no recognition

And just give

And just give.

Awaiting no applause

From the world

That’s often thankless.

And just give.


"unsung" pencil, pen and ink on paper by Jeques B. Jamora, 2011

Unsung beauty blooming in the wild.

Unrecognized souls thriving in the city.

Walking beneath towering spires,

Throbbing pulses unheard.

Adding colors to the city


But still give

And just give.

Awaiting no applause

Well deserved,

Receiving no celebated praises

But still give and just give.


Unsung beauty wilting,

Deprived of reverence

Well deserved.


May heavens shower them

With drops of rain;


May the world,

One day,

Takes notice.



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