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As I draw the curtains open –

Welcoming the light to my room – in the morning,

I’m warmly greeted by ethereal scenery

From the window of the garden.

"re-birth" by jeques, 2011


Velv’ty petals, captivating;

Ferns’ fronds waving, pruned bonsai trees, green leaves sparkling.

The morning dew trickles on the leaves, like pearls dripping.

My secret treasures, my blessings.

"re-birth" #2 by Jeques, 2011


Along, a light soundtrack playing,

Of winds whistling, and birds in the background chirping.

Closed eyes, I inhale the eucalyptus essence,

Wafting in the air of morning.

"re-birth" #3 by Jeques, 2011


A breeze steals me a tender kiss,

In my mind, I draw someone’s face and lips, and wished.

Evanescence, with open eyes, it vanished.

‘Tis gone like a dream left no trace.

"re-birth" #4 by Jeques, 2011


Fruits mellow as I wake today.

Seeds sprout, birds perched and nestle in the mango tree.

Fishes swim in the pond contained, yet feeling free.

Tendrils cling, vines rising, like me.

"re-birth" #5 by Jeques, 2011

The poem is titled, “Rising: Welcoming the Light” from Jeques’s  poetry collection, 2005


"Still" pencil pen and ink on paper, by Jeques B. Jamora, 2011
“Still” pencil, pen and ink on paper 11.5×16.5, by Jeques B. Jamora, 2011

Undisturbed in the confines

Of longing.

Embellish sadness

With burst of colors

To mask the pain that sleeps


Wash away the dusts of yesterdays

With tears

Empty the gathered mud to the pond. 

Feed the water glorybind

And lilies with tales


Let the colors of their petals

Reveal the secrets.

Let the water glorybinds

Narrate the stories

When they awake in the morning ~

Over and over ~

As they traverse

Through the pond

Where my heart hovers

Since the damselfly flew away.


Listening ~

Quiet and resigned ~

To distant melodies

Hoping for familiar songs



Jeques, Spring 2011



My Anthropomorphism To A Leaf

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"Anthropomorphism" pencil, pen and ink on paper, 11.5x16.5 by Jeques B. Jamora, 2011

"Anthropomorphism" pencil, pen and ink on paper, 11.5x16.5 by Jeques B. Jamora, 2011

Leaves are like pages, as the books are trees.

And I, a leaf in God’s verdant forests ~

A single thread in the earth’s tapestries.


I awake in the morning of springtime,

And Lift my face towards the azure skies

I’m in tune with the universe’s rhyme.


I dance with the rhythms of mild zephyr

That oscillates me with its genial whisks

God’s omnipresence fills my need for air.


I am cleansed by the pristine rain shower,

Moisturized by mists, polished by the winds ~

I glow with the steady gaze of summer.


When I turn red and falls on October,

I hope you create something out of me,

Before my descent to earth in winter.


I could be greeting cards for lonely hearts.

Write a poem about my fleeting life.

Immortalize my beauty in your arts.


Insert me in the pages of your book,

For ’tis in your core that I’ll find my nook.


Unsung Beauty

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I revere the things that flourish

Not needing praise. Unselfish.

Ever giving to the world

That’s often thankless,

But still give

And just give.


Like the florae thriving in the wild,

Blowing the murky gorges

With colorful breathes.

Needing no recognition

And just give

And just give.

Awaiting no applause

From the world

That’s often thankless.

And just give.


"unsung" pencil, pen and ink on paper by Jeques B. Jamora, 2011

Unsung beauty blooming in the wild.

Unrecognized souls thriving in the city.

Walking beneath towering spires,

Throbbing pulses unheard.

Adding colors to the city


But still give

And just give.

Awaiting no applause

Well deserved,

Receiving no celebated praises

But still give and just give.


Unsung beauty wilting,

Deprived of reverence

Well deserved.


May heavens shower them

With drops of rain;


May the world,

One day,

Takes notice.