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Even if an immense boulder

Impedes you. Find the light

From somber shadows,

Even when darkeness

Enfolds you.

 "Emerge" pencil, pen and ink on paper by Jeques Jamora, 2011


Even if a cluster of stygian fates

Curtails you. Find a way

From the shut doors,

Even when all the keys you knew

Desert you.



Even if the parallel rungs

Of the ladder beguiles you. Cling

To your faith that saves you

When your tendrils

Have nothing left to grasp

To support you.


Take roots

In a ground that knows no life. Grow

In a wasteland that knows no hope. Smile

In a moment that knows no joy. Bloom

In the emptiness that knows no beauty. Shine

In a corner that knows no light. Give

Even when fate refuse your gift countless times. Try

Even when things look uncertain. Dare

For what’s life without a purpose.


Search your essence in the multiformities of the universe.



For what makes you special

Is who you are.


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