Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007



Don’t fear

Sleep well now.

Dream dreams and find solace in the hearth

Amidst the cold of his absence.

Shadows shall pass,

The clouding of the moment

Shall clear. Eventually.

Don’t waver

Walk this day now.

Step your foot forward

In synch with the ticking of the clock,

For we’re part of the veinal flow of the universe

This slow procession of prolonged agony

Shall reach its end

In her chamber. Eventually.

Refuse to cede

Get up now.

Endure the inner battles that defeats you.

Holdfast to your courage

Even when the last ray of hope sets

And throws twilight on your face.

Stay awake for twilights always

Tansit to dawn. Eventually.

Raise your chin

Look up now.

Aim to climb the mountains once more

Where a new summit awaits.

Cling your tendrils of faith secure

And leap.

The makeshift shelter I offer may be frail,

But it could send you off

To your journey

To the stars. Eventually.


Find solace in my meek heart.





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