Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

These Footpaths

These foorpaths.


Taking me away,

Or leading me closer?


Bamboo steps 

Ever emerging ahead

My foggy path,

Like platforms rising

From the quagmires

I tread

Ever ready to catch

My every step,

Bridging me to my directions

With ready hands

Standing by to hold me

If I slip

Making sure my safety

From the quicksands

Ready to engulf me whole, below.

These footpaths.


Breaking me from partings,

Or building me with advents?



Paving my way

To new landscapes

Ever changing ahead.

Like the lamp posts

Lighting the narrow streets

I tread

Keeping me away from hooligans

Lurking, ready to grab me in the dark.

Like street signs forewarning danger

Of pitfalls strewn in the roads

Where some filthy waterways run under.


These footpaths


Drifting me to nowhere,

Or pulling me ashore?


Water straits

Opening  the gateway to the grounds.

Like the currents

Propelling me forward

In the rabid ocean.

Like the winds blowing my sails

To the harbor

Ending my years of vagabond.

These footpaths.


Taking me to lost directions,

Or subtle clues to my destiny?


I follow the lead of the footpaths

Ever emerging ahead

To this long voyage that stretches

No end.

Will I ever arrive

To a doorstep familiar

And once more hear

The sweet chimes

Of home.



One response

  1. it’s a never ending cycle of leaving and coming home. no matter where the footpaths will take you, your feet will always lead you to home. it has a mind of its own. it has a heart of its own.

    no matter how far you may go. no matter how fast you trod upon this earth. no matter how slow you savor each moment of a life. there is only one way to lead you, uniquely yours and can’t be for others.

    it’s a choice that one has to make, for we are all pass by this way once and onward, forward we will go until the end of our days.

    best of times to you.

    PM000000120000004430 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

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