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“Ang Magparaya” The Succumbing

I cling to the filaments

Of the past to the last strand

For a long time.

Until I can hold no more,

And gave in

Succumbing to the will

Of changes.

I awake from the dream

I once lived

That’s hard to keep my distance,

But the fine grains in the time glass

Emptied to its bottom,

So I gave in

Succumbing to the calls

Of the moment.

I reached a point

Where the river flowed no more

Where the springs halted

And the last puddle of hope emptied.

How could I paint the pain of yielding?

So I just whispered my sighs

To the mangroves

Hoping when the tides return

They would carry my muted chants

To your heart.

“Mailalarawan ba ang sakit ng pagpaparaya? Ibubulong ko nalang ang nararamdaman sa mga puno ng bakawan”


The winds of long ago

Shall return to visit,

They will blow through the leaves of the mangroves,

The tides shall rise and recede below,

And chant the antiphons of my stories

Again and again and again

‘Til they reach you.

“Ang hangin ng nakalipas ay babalik at iihip sa mga dahon ng bakawan. Ang tubig dagat ay tataas at bababa. Paulit-ulit nilang aawitin ang tula ng aking mga kwento hangang ito ay umabot sa iyo.”

The pain of succumbing to the will of changes,

The acceptance that lost moments never return.

No more silent breakfast to share

That I dreamed about many mornings.

No more lazy walks in the streets and allowing my feet

Where it would take me.

No more reading, finding quietude in the crowd

In some busy coffee shops.

No more memories to weave

For the story concluded to a silent halt

Like when the last flare of the fireworks

Faded in the night skies ending my fancy

And what’s left is the fume of longing.

I gave in and endure

The pain that comes with changes.

I succumb to the over powering force

Of the inevitable end.

I awake to the dawning of tomorrow

To breath the fresh air of its promise

Of the bliss that I still have to live.

3 responses

  1. I awake to the dawning of tomorrow..To breath the fresh air of its promise..Of the bliss that I still have to live…these words are edged in my mind. The will of changes…you write so passionately and from the heart. I enjoy your work so much my friend. Hugs x

    PM00000040000004531 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm08

  2. jeques,

    the very best i have read from you so far. there is such many overlapping images you have showcased in here and i find it achingly true. the sands in the hourglass that tells it is already times up. the puddle in the pond that has already dried up. the retreating tides. the silent wind blows through the leaves. and the painful breaking of dawn. these are the lonely moments in a life.

    and you are succumbing to the numbing pain of reality. the moments lost that will never return. the years that falls like leaves. but you are also succumbing to the truth that you, indeed, to live the bliss of the days ahead, even alone.

    the very first that loneliness i have felt when i am reading this. hauntingly poignant piece of your heart. and the silence that needs to be heard.

    best of times,

    AM00000060000004031 10, 2007 at 12:00 am08

    • Marvin,

      This piece is part of the series of poems in my new poetry collection: “Voyages of the Waif.” I’m glad to know this part of the series achieved something that is intended when I was writing it based on your feedback.

      After my traveler’s soliloquies collection, and my continuous self-studies and search for the essences of my gift and what’s inside this heart that’s wanting to be expressed and needing to be heard, I begun a new journey like a waif searching for home.

      The voyage would be long but I’m sure I will get there.

      I wish you well.

      ~ Jeques

      AM000000110000004330 10, 2007 at 12:00 am09

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