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Sweet Surrender

How did you know I’m here?

And you send me the same sunrise

That woke my many childhood mornings.

Only now it greets me every day here

In the other side of the world.

"Our Load" oil on canvas 30x24 by Jeques B. Jamora, 2009

How did you know I went here?

And you secretly filled my luggage with memories

To last me the many years that I’m away.

You equipt me with fuel,

Enough to survive me a lifetime.


How did you know I’m longing?

And you send me short notes that keep me sane

Messages brought here by the winds,

Postcards in the blossoms of flowers,

Your hand written letters in the night skies.

"Bougainvillea" pen, ink and pencil on paper by Jeques B. Jamora, 2010

How did you know the things I need?

You read my heart like the open pages

You keep me in the right direction,

And when at times I drift away

You send me signals, I am safe.


How did you know about my dreams?

You give my wishes a sense of place,

All the elements  in order at the right time.

You taught me to see the beauty in waiting

And hand me the key to the doors of being.


If you know all these how could I doubt you?

You made the arrangements beforetime.

I throw myself to the morrow in sweet surrender,

For I trust the guarantee of predestined schemes ~

Where the cushion of your will awaits.

Impending sunset captured snapshot by Jeques B. Jamora, Philippines 2010


If you have leafed through the pages of my soul,

Then there’s no reason for me to fear.

You know exactly this wanting I keep inside me,

Soon a name will fill the space I left blank.

The word I searched to complete my sentences is in your hand.


I welcome the impending sunset,

Knowing you would be there to sit beside me.

For now, I gather the rich harvest of my midday

Getting ready in anticipation

For the sunrise of your arrival.


I trust the will of time this way,

In sweet,  sweet surrender.

Jeques awaiting sunset in the makeshift hut by the river


Jeques, 2010. From his “Traveler’s Soliloquies” poetry collection.


5 responses

  1. i have no words :O

    this is masterpiece 🙂

    AM00000050000003831 10, 2007 at 12:00 am07

  2. absurdoldbird

    It makes me wonder – lover or mother?

    AM000000110000002931 10, 2007 at 12:00 am07

  3. jeques,

    this is something spiritual for me. and if i have to fill God in these lines, it fits to a T. you have done a masterpiece here and i like the way you have written them, so fluid and heartfelt. i can feel the power of the Holy Spirit filling these pages and inspiring me to look on life filled with hope. and in these words, i am re-assured that the future is not enirely in our hands, but it is God’s.

    i felt that the sequences in this poem moves from darkness into the heavenly light. i specially love this line,

    “If you know all these how could I doubt you?

    You made the arrangements beforetime.

    I throw myself to the morrow in sweet surrender,

    For I trust the guarantee of predestined schemes ~

    Where the cushion of your will awaits.”

    yes, it made my doubts for the future extinguish in those hopeful verses. i am blessed by the enlightening words that begins to unfold in my mind. it has given me peace. thank you indeed. and i thank God for allowing you to pen these words.

    best of times,

    PM00000010000001231 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm07

  4. Wow…you truly touch hearts with this…it is so skillfully written, with deep emotion. Awesome work ~ A

    PM00000060000005331 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm07

  5. wow,
    what a extraordinary piece.
    very smooth flow and beautiful!

    PM00000020000004431 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm07

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