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This week is a treat of series of things unplanned. I thought spending my day off reading but things lead to another and found myself packing my books and did my reading in one of my favorite places to relax in the North Western University at lakeshore Evanston, IL while waiting for the July 4 fireworks show until 10 PM. It was fun in spontaneity, and the things that came after in my mid-weekday getaway to Michigan City, Indiana and Coloma, Michigan for the season’s Cherry picking at Jollay’s Farm.
Relaxing with the book I’m currently reading: The Third Wish, by: Robert Fulghum
North Western University at Lakeshore Evanston, IL 
July 4 fireworks display 
fun fun fun!

Mid-weekday break in Coloma, Michigan for the season's Cherry rich harvest.

Cherry Harvest

A walk in the Cherry Farm

Taking sample of the harvest

In the backdrop is the apple farm due for harvest in September/October

The apples rock!

Relaxing in the farm

Soothed by the fresh air

I wish I had more time to spend for fishing

But I had time taking sample of the old way of farming

Relaxing before heading to my next stop in Indiana for Michigan City’s famous light house at the washington park

Michigan City, Indiana

A walk to remember

By the lakeshore

Washington Park, Michigan City, Indiana

Dinner time at Lighthouse Restaurant for the finale of the day’s fun in spontaneity.


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  1. Absolutely awesome…thanks so much for sharing…love to see you and your world!! You rock! – Amanda x

    PM00000060000002231 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm07

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