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Caught in the Moment

Dust settled,
The beating of the drums
Faded in the distance.
Chaos succumbs
To peace.
I am here
Caught in the moment
Not a ripple in the pond ~
Waters placid ~
Bowers’  reflection
Caught in its stillness. 
I am here
Caught in the moment
Listening to the acoustical
Silence of the white bell
Serenading me with its
Sweet charm

"Gift of Home, The White Bell" pen and pencil on paper made some mornings during my recent vacation. Jeques, 2010

Wires Faded
In the backdrop
Walls unnoticed
Barriers forgotten,
Heartaches freed
Echoes of old sad stories
Replaced with fresh pages
Of new chapters.
I am here, and now
Caught in the moment
The silent ringing
Of the white bell
Signals a beginning
Of stories newly born
Taking shape
To florish
To be told

The White Bell clinging, rising, blooming embellishing the wire fence home

Hope surmounts the fences
Words demolished the barricades
Joy overtakes sadness
Shortcomings forgotten
Love prevails.
I am here
Caught in the moment
Healed and blossoming
Watching the reflections
Captive on the page of my heart
Caught in its stillness
I am here.

"Gift of Home: The White Bell," pen and pencil on paper of the white bell in bloom I wanted to take back to chicago, but I can't, so I drew it cpative on paper to take the gift with me anywhere in the world. Jeques, 2010


Jeques, 2010. From his Traveler’s Soliloquies poetry collection.


One response

  1. jeques,

    i have found a bliss while reading this poem. and silent streams of tears are welling in my eyes. i just don’t know why. maybe, i too, was caught in the moment. i felt that homecoming you had experienced while you are vacationing in your hometown. what made it more endearing are the sketches, i like the stillness of the leaves and the white bell. the most striking imagery i had of this poem are the lines pertaining to wire fences.

    “Wires Faded
    In the backdrop
    Walls unnoticed
    Barriers forgotten,
    Heartaches freed”

    this is true. these are moments when, the world stopped to spin and you just wanted to untangle the many webs in your mind’s recesses, right there on the spot where a mere sight of an object has left a lasting impression. a new found meaning. a refreshing outlook on life. simple yet powerful to transform you inwardly. silent changing and evolving to keep you hopeful of tomorrow. pure joy of the moment.


    AM000000100000001530 10, 2007 at 12:00 am04

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