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"Amistad" Pen and ink on paper by Jeques(drawing and poem started while waiting for his flight to the Philippines, 02082010 and was completed and polished in his return to Chicago)

I searched your eyes

Amid the souls

That flock the streets

I travel.


Where were you?


Among the lips

That sipped the juice

Of simple joy

I offer


How would I single out

Your smile?


I ride the tides

To ambiguous blue

With hopes

To find you


Where were you?


The isles dissolved,

And lost my hope

To see you


Where would I find

Your waiting arms?


I climb the mountains

But the fogs had seized you;

I reached the summit

And you’re not there


Where were you?


When the rains

Washed away everything

Down the mountains


Would you catch my tears

In the streams?


I left the stars

And slept in the cradle

Of the waning moon


Where were you?


In dark nights

When dreams didn’t visit

My sleep


Would I catch a glimpse

Of you at daybreak?


I search your eyes

Amid the souls

That flock the streets

I travel.


I guess I’d be forever this way

Til the day I catch true friendship

In the eyes


Until the day

When fate lay on my empty hands

The gift of ‘Amistad’


Where were you?


Jeques, 2010. From his “Traveler’s Soliloquies” poetry collection.



2 responses

  1. jeques,

    such a sweet sorrow of finding someone who is meant for you to be a friend. that is what i understood from this poem. friendship is ever hard to find these days, when in the process, you also need to throw something on the table and take the risk of losing it.

    it is vainful to venture through this life hoping that some same soul would ever meet you along the way. the truth of the matter is, that people, really come and go into our lives. and if they choose not to stay, that’s life. but on the other hand, if they stay, that would be a blessing. i would rather have few trusted friends, rather than having most friends whom i cannot rely on when my emotions dipped. i would rather have friends who is there not to sugarcoat the way they talk to you but confronting you when something is not right with you.

    and it is painful to have friends who will use you for their own gain and vested interests. isn’t it great to have friends you can say your mind to? isn’t wonderful to have friends who is honestly interested about you and understand your individuality?

    we all have our own set of special circumstances and sometimes the moment of interaction with friends are golden opportunities to rekindle the flame of friendship. and God bless the person who have a treasure trove of friends who are willing to spend time and effort communicating.

    amistad is a thougt-provoking poem that lay down these issues. it compels the reader to think and recollect his role of being a friend. and even me, i have realized that, i, did fall short of this expectation. and i think that today, is a day that i will try to mend bridges that i have burned before and seize the time left to open up once again.

    great poem!


    AM000000120000001930 10, 2007 at 12:00 am04

    • Marvin,

      Thank you.

      This poem went through a series of drafts and revisions until it captured its final form as you read it now. If you may still remember, I first told you about this poem in the comment I left for your entry, “Great Divide.” My initial intention then was to write a poem that would illustrate imageries of chance encounters that connect people and eventually lead to amistad.

      I thought of completing the poem during my vacation, but while I was waiting for my flight to the Philippines in O’Hare international airport(chicago), an inspiration came and I did the drawing in between my planning of the itinerary of my entire trip first.

      And then came the imageries of the sea, the isles(Boracay itinerary), the maountains(baguio itinerary) and all. I scrapped completely the idea of chance encounters which is hard to write since I didn’t really expect such thing to happen in my trip – I write better the things that are apparent, remember? I kept the first few lines though which you’ve read before, played around the line: “Where were you?” which is originally a line from the song, “You found me” by the fray and where I learned that the meaning of the word “Amistad” is friendship.

      And so the poem went – florishing as my vacation progressed. It became a poem expressing the sentiments of wanting, of our never ending search, and of finding. I rearranged the poem in chronology to the highlights of my trips and followed the idea of the human search in good time and bad times; in triumph and defeat and in dreaming and lost hope. Where were you? For it is our human hope to find someone and the kind friendship that would be there in all the seasons of life. The gift of “Amistad” that everybody deserves.

      The poem is the perfect start to the next series of poems I would be writing and posting as part of my Traveler’s Soliloquies collection.

      On second thought, I’m reconsidering changing the title of the poetry collection to:

      “The Waif’s Soliloquies”

      My cup is filled and got enough materials and inspiration from my recent vacation. You will see and read them in the coming days.

      Remember my poem, “Home Sick In Autumn?”

      . . . . I let the cruel wanton winds to take me;

      I trust the higher will would be kind.

      I write my thoughts in the palms of the season,

      I trust them to come back in time.

      When my sense of home fills me up again;

      When revenant of home,

      Like eidolon,


      It has returned.

      and over-flowing.

      I wish you well.

      ~ Jeques

      AM00000070000005330 10, 2007 at 12:00 am04

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