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Fate dropped me

Bewildered in this forest,


Hazed with drapes of vines ~

Trying to find the answers

From this tangled passages 

Resolving the maze

To find my pathway

To you.


I stand before a forked path,

My head loaded

With question-filled sack

Keeping my balance,

Avoiding pitfalls:


To my right are hedges

Of thorn-filled,


Tendril-climbing vines.

A single wrong move

Through their bowers 

Would cost me stings

From their spines of truth.


To my left, an inviting path

Strewn with petals,

Promising comfort

From gossamer of lies

Misleading me away

To dead ends,

To lost ways.


To my center is an easy way

To nowhere,

A direction that would lead me back

Here. To choose. Sooner or later.


If only your hand would reach out

From the bower of thorns,

If only heavens would send signal.

If only I could hear your heartbeats

Pounding from the other side.

If only, but . . .


Armoured only with longing,

I don’t know if it could shield me

To last the stings of truths

I would discover (I need to reveal),

To straighten the tangled pathway

That would bring you

And me, together.


Smothered with veil of tears,

I take the path to truth,

Taking chances

In the hazed bowers,

Following bloody hints

You left in the thorns,

Like trails of breadcrumbs,

As I soothe your pains in return

With balms of found answer

To our sacks of questions

I slowly unload from my head

Leaving them to mark the blind alleys

That would lead you

To me.


From separate spheres

In a labyrinth,

We clear a single 

Entangled passage

(Closer than we thought),

Daring to defy the easy way.


If that’s what it cost

To find our way,

I surrender to my fate.


To find my egress

To you.



Jeques, 2009. From his poetry collection, “A Traveler’s Soliloquies”


2 responses

  1. jeques,

    this is an encouragement that there are certain things in life that we need to be brave and face it against all odds. it’s like a warrior that valiantly risks all the things that are dear to him, including his life just for a shot with victory. and this poem elaborated this mystery through the many winding passages and finally finding the answer at the end.

    i like the images of vines and bowers and the quiet garden pathway of some old Victorian era. i feel the intense emotion of living within the confines of strict regimented life. it’s relative to the choices and crucial decisions we have to make everyday, so that is why, one must be firm with his choices and decisions and accept whatever will be the outcome, whether may it be bad or good.

    thanks for sharing this wonderful poem.

    best of times,

    PM00000090000005228 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm02

  2. Goals

    Finish lines



    Dreams we dream

    Something we have in mind to reach when we start on something.

    It could be symbolic to success we aim, careers we pursue, destinations of journeys we take, or love we seek.

    We go through some passages like in a labyrinth. Each move is a decision. But in the bigger picture all the curves and turns, the mistakes we make along the way are necessary in ultimately finding the egress. And as has been said. The journey enriches us more than the destiantion.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    PM000000100000003228 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm02

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