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I Will Circumvent


The heart knows another way.

If I should, I will.


I will circumvent  the distance,

I will bear the pain of longing.

Let it fuel me to endure

Long, excruciating voyages

Of this rescue operation.


Be my precious reward that awaits

In a rapturous morrow

I will build for us

With the muscles of my heart –

Only my heart – for that’s the ransom 

I promise to bring,

To buy your freedom.


I will circumnavigate

Desolate terrains.


Let your picture in my mind

Be the stars at night

So I would not falter

Even when darkness strips

The coat of my courage.


Let the memory of your smile

Melt me when solitude is freezing.


Let the songs of your touch

Bring back my equanimity

When I become anhydrous from your absence.


Let the echoing sound of your laughter

Be my beaconing light

To safeguard me from the mirage

And its deceitful promises.


Let me drink from the cup of your abundance,

Satiate my thirst with the precious

Liquid beads

We weaved together

In the festoon that ties us

In an invisible knot.


Before I leave,

Memorize this face,

But anticipate wrinkles when you see it again

For time will paint my empty fecade

With wisdom I will collect from my journey.


Hold my hands for the last time

And trace the creases of my palms.

My travel will harden them,

But know that its direction is defined

And points to a definite end.


Keep still,

Fear not the metal bars that separate us.

Trust the oil of our will, combined

To desolve this cage.


Stay where I leave you,

Hold the promise of my return.

And if distance is the only road

To the altar ~

 I will take the chance, If I should.


I will circumvent the earth,

Chase the elusive chance of our union,

To arrive where you are.


Be sentient of the genial whisks

When my breathing blows your nape,

And when my hand rests on your shoulder

They will hint my arrival.


Hands clasped,

Barriers desolved,

Together we will claim our piece of the skies

To our enraptured flight


We are free.



In reference to my poem “Caged,” I thought the conflict was unresolved in that poem. “I will Circumvent” is the sequel to the poem.

Jeques, 2009. From his Traveler’s Soliloquies poetry collection.


3 responses

  1. hi Jeq,

    musta na? this poem is very lovely… inde ko man nagets every word pero i feel the same the message… kakaiba ka talaga gumawa… God bless you always…

    best regards,

    PM00000050000004231 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

  2. jeques,

    this poem transcends the power of love in such an enduring travails of distances of spaces and separations in time. like you, i have had some rough times in my life when love seems so overbearing when at the other we don’t reeceive reciprocation of our affections. but after all the years, i have learned to get by and found myself enwrapped in the many images of love in the past.

    i would want to believe that since this piece is anticipating love’s return in a very brave and moving way, this is quite different of all love poems i have read so far. this is ripe with hope and the joy of anticipation of union. those are evident in the lines starting with “let”. a profound gesture of decisiveness and great resolve that make things happen as they are.

    the patience and endurance that you have showed towards love will eventually reap its deserved culmination. this love poem has tried to explore the mysterious breadth of its meaning and inspiration as encompassing the earth. that must have been how big is your love is!

    i love these lines and it had left a very poignant pinch to the heart

    “Let your picture in my mind

    Be the stars at night

    So I would not falter

    Even when darkness strips

    The coat of my courage.”

    darkness is a frightening thing when all love is lost in someone’s heart. i have been there and would not want to return. such a carpet ride of thoughts engulf me when reading this poem. and i guess one or two readings are not enough to fully extract the substance of this poem. i will get back and see this poem on a different angle to find a different kind of inspiration.

    very good poem indeed.

    best of times,

    PM000000110000000931 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

    • Marvin,

      Don’t be surprised to find another angle in this poem, which is a sequel to the earlier poem I wrote – “Caged.”

      Althought this poem is completely a love-poem because that is how I wanted it to appear, and I’m glad it captured you that way being an incessant follower of my writings. To be honest, the truth is, this is a poem for myself, to the “failure” that I felt I was when I was expelled from the seminary where all my pains and sorrows and fears as grown up could be traced. For that reason, this is a love poem in another way when read in that context. But I would say, it still depends on the readers how the poem would speak to them from their angle, like how it affected you.

      It was hard for me to forgive myself when I failed my parents, when I thought God was disappointed with me, and when I felt like the world turned its back and was so against me when I was kicked out from the seminary. One of the hardest part of it all is when I felt that nobody believe me anymore. I lost it all, all my 4 years in highschool was a failure. I felt I lost all the love I was given before the incident. What do I know, I was more than a kid then.

      I always feel there are two persons living within me. The defeated and caged that I was(that still part lingers) and the other who is free, grown up and enlightened and always goes back to my other self to rescue me and set that other me “free.” I think it’s a long process of forgiving myself, to reassure the other me that he is loved nomatter what.

      And I wrote it a love poem, I’m not sure really if there’s a person I could love that much, but since I could write it then perhaps there’s that part of me that’s capable and willing to circumvent.

      I’d like you to take notice that one part of the poem which gives a little hint to the real inspiration of this writing :

      “And if distance is the only road

      To the altar ~

      I will take the chance, If I should.”

      The word “Altar” is symbolic of forgiveness to me, like it’s the place you go after a confession. But then again, if the poem is taken in the context of a love-poem, it could also mean marraige. So it’s really up to the reader.

      Distance means getting away and finding answers to the questions that would lead the self back to forgiveness because the truth is, it’s us who create heaven or hell for ourselves. It is the self that decides to be caged forever or to fly and be free.

      I hope this give you a different light to the other angle of the poem. My favorite part:

      “Before I leave,

      Memorize this face,

      But anticipate wrinkles when you see it again

      For time will paint my empty fecade

      With wisdom I will collect from my journey.”

      I can see myself talking to the younger me, back in the seminary crying in front of the altar when the priest informed me I could not enroll for the following school year because I was expelled. Even then, I understood that it would take me years to fully understand what was happening, that only time could give me enough wisdom to understand all the reasons for such a great failure early in life.

      This poem aims to gather all the wisdom gained through all the years, to heal the self.

      I wish you well.

      ~ Jeques

      AM000000120000004031 10, 2007 at 12:00 am10

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