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White And Blue


And it’s as if some hands

Just suddenly

Switch the whites

The blues,

The lights off,

And everything else,

All the other colors 

Blend with black,

Dissolve to darkness;

Blue and white vanish

To shadows of memory.


Like white and blue

Of summer fun

Kite flying in my mind,

And then a raging storm came

To claim it

Paper kite dissolves

Never to return.


Like paper boats

Sent off to blue ocean,

Wilting to uncertainties.


Cotton soft clouds,

Pristine white

Smudge on blue 

Like powder

On cheeks of youth,

On the calm face of heaven.

And then came

Some turmoil to claim

Pristine mirths

Lost to time.


Like some hands

Just suddenly let go

Of their grips,

Leaves falling from the trees.

"autumn" pen and colored pencil on paper by Jeques B. Jamora, 2009
“autumn” pen and colored pencil on paper by Jeques B. Jamora, 2009


Canopies losing their verdant color

Green is naught,

Belonging to distant

Summer dreams

As green concedes

To the will of the season.


Like some hands

Switch all the street lamps off

Just like that,

And the once lighted alleys

Dimmed to fears of uncertainties.


White and blue

And all the vibrant colors

Dissolve to melancholy.


Would it be nice

To walk the dark alleys unafraid,

Holding hands with someone ~

To catch the falling leaves,

To feel warm around each other’s presence

In the midst of rain;

To watch the kite dissolve to skies of memories,

To sail the seas on paper boats,

Re-live mirths,

Summon lost colors

Celebrate white and blue


And to feel safe

Even in black.

The poem is written in memory of my white sony vaio computer, the only thing that stayed and gave me company for the last 3 years, just suddenly went black, and all files gone to untangible memories. My lost made me retrospective of things I lost that I could never re-claim, but my heart is large enough to contain all the memories.

It was total darkness for the past few days, and the leaves are falling outside my window as autumn claims vibrant life from the trees, to give my lost such a gloomy backdrop.

I found company in my new computer, it’s still our getting to know each other stage for now. And oh by the way, my new pc notebook, his color is black.

4 responses

  1. It’s amazing how attached we can get to computers and all the memories they hold within their plastic ‘bodies’. Im sorry for the lost files Jeques but I am glad you’ve already got a new computer. Your words are beautiful and this drawing of leaves, one of my favorites so far.

    Many hugs, G

    PM00000080000000331 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

  2. jeques,

    now i got the reason why, some days you’re suddenly out. im beginning to have the same fear, since all my files right now is with this computer i’m using. so maybe later, i need some back-up. but the poem immortalizes the sudden blackness from white and blue. a very powerful imagery i guess. for so many years now, as i relate to you, i have lost my Tagalog poems to a computer crash. two anthologies of poetry and midway to my third anthology, they are all gone without a trace.

    but im positive, that a time, all those poetry will ever come back like lost children. and i think, the same will eventually happen for you, though your poems are safely stashed to this blogsite.

    back to the merits of this poem, i like these lines best. “And then a raging storm came

    To claim it

    Paper kite dissolves

    Never to return.

    Like paper boats

    Sent off to blue ocean,

    Wilting to uncertainties.”

    i like the throbbing pain of these lines. such a sweet sorrow and fragility of things we hold dear to our hearts. and the mere mention of paper kites and paper boats made all the difference plus the blue ocean.

    equally, i like the last line “Summon lost colors

    Celebrate white and blue

    And to feel safe

    Even in black.” such a minimalist approach to present the conclusion in the discourse on colors. no wonder, because you are gifted in painting. you had that certain handiwork on how you weave your lines, such like a gentle winds of autumn.

    best of times,

    PM000000110000000631 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

    • Marvin,

      This poem started with only the lines:

      “white and blue

      Of summer fun

      Kite flying in my mind”


      “Cotton soft clouds,

      Pristine white

      Smudge on blue

      Like powder

      On cheeks of youth,

      On the calm face of heaven.”

      And then I saved it in my draft thinking of going back the next day to find where the poetic lines is going to take me. Autumn prompted the sudden melancholy that made me write imageries of summer fun, childhood, the temporariness of things.

      And then that day, when I was to continue the poem my computer broke down.

      I thought the unfinished poem is a premonition to the fate of my computer. If indeed there’s a reason for everything, then I got the costly reason from my lost.

      I went back to my draft to complete the poem, and only then did I discovered the multi-faceted message of the poem that I didn’t initially grasped when I started composing the first lines.

      I used the paper kites and paper boats to conjure fragile childhood memories and things we lost to time that could never be reclaimed. I used blue and white as primary colors to the sky, cloud, and the sea on a summertime which are temporary, color to the things gone.

      And then summon it back with much hope and reassurance in the end.

      I like best the child-like perspective in the line:

      “to sail the seas on paper boats”

      For that is how a child dreams, fearless. If we could only re-learn to dream and look at things as children again.

      And furthermore, similarly in love, people should not find safety in the vessel that carry them but in each other’s love for there’s no written guarantee in any relationship. To love and not to fear, in contrast to the jaded adult perspective in the lines:

      “Like paper boats

      Sent off to blue ocean,

      Wilting to uncertainties.”

      But rather to feel safe even in uncetainties, even in black.

      I wish you well.

      ~ Jeques

      AM000000120000004631 10, 2007 at 12:00 am10

  3. Thank you for sending me to this wonderful piece of your soul..I have read it 3 times..each time to find something new…and indeed,if only we can have the fearless dreams of a child..alas~”to sail the seas on paper boats”. Thank you so much for commenting and visiting my page. Amanda.

    AM000000120000005030 10, 2007 at 12:00 am06

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