Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

Always The Right Cup


Some days,

Like now,

I turn the faucet on

But nothing comes out.

I stare,

Turns it back off

And wait.


There’s this thirst inside.

Sometimes I thought,

Perhaps I picked the wrong cup

To catch the down pour

That would not come.


I waited too long

To quench this wanting.

But still waited.


And forgot about my thirst.


Some other times,

I slide the sill open

Needing the sun

That’s hidden behind the walls

Of clouds

Portending storm.

But what would I need rain

Those times when my heart is flooded?


Often I thought,

I should have shut it close,

But still kept the sill open

And waited.


Until I slept waiting

For things

That would not be there

When needed.

In waiting

I forget. And still

Wake up to another day

With hopes



The water runs

From the faucet most days.

There’s rain when it’s the season.

Not all days,

But there’s the sun ~

They happen in succession

For a reason.


Dreams – nights, days – and reveries.

In your absence,

And in waiting

I understood:


There’s no such thing

As a wrong cup.

It’s in how I fill it up

And with what.












2 responses

  1. jeques,

    i can feel the pain of wanting and waiting in this poem. how it is so agonizing to wait and anticipate the reciprocation of what you can offer. i understand the need for something to fill the moments of emptiness. its a sad, sad moment we try to enmeshed in the positivity of moving on and keeping still.

    “There’s no such thing

    As a wrong cup.

    It’s in how I fill it up

    And with what.”

    this is philosophical for me. people have different ways to approach this loneliness, depending on their circumstances and value system. as always, this poem, eventhough its painful, is a hopeful piece. an intimate portrait and a very honest one. confronting yet gentle.

    best of times,

    PM00000070000004531 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

  2. I totally agree with Marvin. Even your saddest poems (and this one I can so relate to) speak of a hopeful, gentle spirit, willing to wait, to not give up. Beautifully written Jeques. Hang in there, the sun always shines…you’ve reminded me of that many times. We need to encourage each other along the way. On my darkest days, the kindness of others including my friends online is what kept me going.

    Take care, G

    PM00000080000002131 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

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