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Fragile Gateway



I would sit here oftentimes



Thoughts hovering


Like a pedestrian


In the corner of a street


For green light

For flares

So I could let my thoughts flow

From your silent signal

And walk the streets of the world

From this window,

The screen

My fragile gateway

To you.


(Jeques, 2009. From his A Traveler’s Soliloquies poetry collection)


3 responses

  1. jeques,

    this poem reminds me of my previous poetry posts entitled “absent minded” and “highway and the stranger”. i have been to that same feeling of wandering through the busy road, in a momentary oblivion, when our mind guided by the traffic light, mechanically stopped to pause.

    actually, my guess was, this is about the computer screen in the web traffic, as you are waiting to connect with the world. there are some days, you anticipate what’s going on out there, as we are handicapped to travel by a split second. we don’t have that luxury and resources to do, and the internet has provided cheap means just to be in-the-know.

    a nice poem, full of meaning and conjures images in my mind. thank you for sharing and i appreciate your comments on my blog. they are my inspirations.

    best of times,

    PM00000090000000230 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  2. Marvin,

    The intent was to capture briefness of the moment,immediacy of thoughts in a poem.

    Because that is how it is now, conjuring the times when I was back in the Philippines waiting for many things before I finally got here where I am now. . .

    When you are in the actual situation the waiting seems to take forever, but looking back everything seemed so quick like waiting for the green light in the corner of the street, for a go signal so I can walk the streets of the world..

    I used the screen – could be the computer, or the cellular phone which to me are fragile gateway of the modern time to the world – as metaphor because literally, that’s how this modern gadgets work. It is where we get the updates and news: from the time I applied for a job here in Chicago and my immigrant VISA, the preparations, the completion of requirements, the approval, my coming here all accured in the computer/CP, the screen played a major role.

    And As I mentioned, it is also my intention to infuse pop culture in my poetry to get more interest in the mainstream. with that in mind, I still used romance(which for me is still the most highly accepted/ widely read theme in poetry because a lot of people would read poetry when they are in love) as the icing to the cake.

    It is good to know that in a way, you see many elements in this poem that the ordinary eyes would easily miss appreciating only the icing and not completely savoring the volume: the cake of the poem beneath the superficial.

    This poem is part of my traveler’s soliloquies collection – as you may have noticed in the poems I posted recently they follow that theme, the beginning of something, of somebody preparing to embark on a journey – a traveler’s soliloquies.

    Thanks for your thorough analysis of my poems and for your valued insights.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    PM000000100000002930 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  3. Geraldine

    You’ve explored these feelings well Jeques. To “be here now” is a good thing, a space we should cultivate and nuture. I enjoyed reading this latest work. Take care, G

    PM000000100000004830 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

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