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Meet Vreques

Meet Vreques, my car.
Yes, he has a name and you will know as I progress with this article how he got his name.
He is  a Honda Fit Sport, 2009 model. A car I fell in love with the first time I saw it, and I thought he has many features that’s very me. I guess there are just things, or places, or people we instantly feel a certain connection with in our first encounters, and that’s exactly what I felt when I first saw Vreques.
my car

my car

 What’s in the Name?

It took me some time to give him a name, I thought his name should have something to do with my life history – after all, he’s like a kid to me. And if I would be a father, I would give my son the best name and it should be coined with meaning, that his name would be poetry itself.

So I went back to my own life,  my experiences with cars from childhood and how I look at things from then to now. Vreques is the first car I bought from my hard earned income. His birth was planned. He is my first major purchase in America, and he is the first property in my signature – like a child, he carries my name.

But what was my first car, really?


“Childhood” pencil on paper, by: Jeques, July 4, 1998

The first car I drove was a pull cart made from an empty tin can of milk and the manufacturer was my elder brother. I thought my brother could have been successful in the field of making cars as grown up if our father was just discerning enough to spot my brother’s natural gift for building. But some stories doesn’t always end with happy endings – I still wish my brother would find his way soon. In 1999, I sketched from memory my first car as shown above. This image inspired the name I gave my car, “Vreques.” As a kid, I call any moving vihicle “vroom-vroom.” And that’s also how all my tin can cars sounded. I would pull them around our backyard and I would give it sound – “vroom – vroom, vroooooom!!!

From this memory, I coined the name and I thought it sounded well combined with Jeques, “VR – EQUES” to make it my own, my first born. My child.


The first car I drove as grown up was a car given to me by the company I worked for back in the Philippines when I was still in the pharmaceutical field. And then at home, I drove our family car – an old Mitsubishi lancer model. When I came to America, I didn’t instantly planned to buy a car. My work place is a 5 minutes walk from my apartment, so it’s not really a necessity. But then I have a life after work, and with my limited time during my off days doing the errands; commuting is taking so much of my time that I don’t have enough time to really rest and relax. A car then would come in handy to lighten up my tasks during my dayoff. I am so used living alone for 2 years now, I only have a tiger as a silent companion in my apartment. But I have no complaits, I am like the tiger, I love my solitude. For the longest time, I enjoyed this life. But I need to move forward and I thought getting a car is timely.

my companion

my companion

I conceived buying a car last spring. I searched for a car that would serve best for me. I went to the process of elimination from the many cars I chose from and HONDA Fit Sport won my heart in the end. I don’t want a big car, that’s the first requirement, but I wanted a car that have enough space. I paint, and I buy big canvases, so I would need a car that have a trunk that could accomodate the big size canvas I buy for my paintings. This is where Honda Fit scored the highest for me – it is small but the trunk and the back seat could be folded to comply to my requirement.

vreques featuresvreques features

vreques features


It is also one of the recent models that’s very economical with gas consumption. The rising price of oil products made me find practical means when I was deciding which car to buy. These features and more of Honda Fit Sport made me love,  and worked hard for last summer to get it. My choice of color caused the delay of the delivery, but when it’s time it is really time. It was delivered and I got Vreques, October 15, 2008, the day I was celebrating my 2nd anniversary here in chicago. So I thought it’s God’s gift for my anniversary. Vreques birthday coincide with the milestone in my life as an immigrant.

Vreques came at the right time when I’m ready to get a companion, somebody who would wait for me, pick me up, take me to work and drive me home.



5 responses

  1. Congrats on the new car!

    You are the first man I’ve come across who thinks his car is male 🙂

    AM00000050000005530 10, 2007 at 12:00 am11

  2. Wonderful post! There is a quiet thrill in your words that is quite magical!

    Congratulations on your new family!

    AM00000020000004330 10, 2007 at 12:00 am11

  3. Sonu

    u sure have got a sexy car! Congratulations!
    This is written with such intensity n feeling, it makes us think of a car as a human being!

    AM000000100000005330 10, 2007 at 12:00 am11

  4. I’ve always named cars too Jeques, I can soooo relate!

    Love your new winter header, also in keeping with your auto post.

    Hope all is well, Hugs, G

    AM000000120000002931 10, 2007 at 12:00 am12

  5. I like your drawing, reminds me a lot about my brothers’ toys when they were young and we were growing in a very remote place in the Philippines. Yours was made out of a tin can, my brothers’ were made out of Johnson’s baby powder plastic containers tapos ang gulong ay bilog na inukit sa sirang tsinelas hahaha. Simple, but was a fun childhood for all of us.

    AM00000090000004931 10, 2007 at 12:00 am12

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