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Lessons From Autumn


Lessons From Autumn

BY: Jeques B. Jamora, fall, 2008

The earth calls the leaves to come home

My crying couldn’t stop the changing season.

Like my tears falling on my chest,

The autumn leaves return to the earth’s breast.

The winds of fall sing lonely tunes

The shy smile of dawn turns the day to gloom.

The heavens weep soaking the trees with rain,

As I watch you leave and endure the pain.

Destiny’s taking back my joys of spring,

My crying couldn’t stop you from leaving.

Like the leaves falling to the earth’s bossom,

I’ll await in silence ’til you come home.

The trees and the leaves taught me acceptance;

The earth taught me to wait for second chance.


Note: for background music, please click and play this >>> If I could be where you are


3 responses

  1. Jeques, this is lovely. I like the notion of the earth reclaiming the leaves as if they had only been loane during the spring and summer. Then your rather sad ending in which you liken the autumn to losing a loved one is so poignant. A a truly beautiful post.

    AM00000020000000730 10, 2007 at 12:00 am11

  2. Marie

    I enjoy coming here…Your images are beautiful and bring such loveliness and peace. Thanks for sharing your beauty. I enjoy the music and the poetry too!

    PM00000060000005330 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm11

  3. autumn has its glory. what is lovely about it is the silence of its passage and its changing colors is a majestic sight. that is the splendor of beauty in things effortlessly woven by nature. unassuming, but with a strong emotion.

    hello again jeques.

    PM000000100000003231 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm12

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