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Klieg Lights(An Open Letter To Laarnie)

Dear Laarnie,

I know this will not anymore come as a surprise to you receiving letters from people you don’t know – from your fans, and I happen to be one of them. I write because I want to tell you something that I also wanted to tell myself, and to your legion of followers, and to ordinary people who would chance upon this message. Perhaps everyone who would read this open letter would somehow connect to my thoughts in one way or the other, and you, I hope you read this before the klieg lights dim your vision and it would be harder for you to see the truth from lies; before it deceive you with its dazzling glitters that are temporary and you’ll never get back to your realities again.

Klieg lights are blinding and they are fleeting. They are temporary – here today, gone tomorrow. They dim your vision so what you see are only traces of the truths and silhouettes of reality, especially when you’re in a stage hearing only the noises of the maddening crowd. You would stand before a throng of faceless people, like a small boat sailing in the ferociuos ocean of strangers and you would feel so alone and cold in the midst of the warm glow of the kleig lights. But do not be afraid, for in that stormy sea of strangers are genuine lifeguards in a close watch ready to throw you life rafts and ropes to bring you back to shores, to anchor you back to your truths when the show is over, to bring you back home to your realities – safe from the lies of the dazzling klieg lights.

You have a good heart and that is your solid ground – you have proven that temporary fame could not shaken your deeply rooted goodness. It manifests in your gift of voice, but it is actually your beautiful heart we are hearing everytime you sing, and that’s the reason we are moved, we are touched, we are driven to uncalled tears the moment you hum a tune whatever the song. Your voice speaks to our hearts because it is actually your heart singing.

Continue singing that way.

In whatever you do from here, continue doing it from your heart. I know you would be doing more in that stage where opportunities abound and possibilities are limitless. You are the rarest gem of a raw talent that could deliver an infinite glitter in the stage. You are the kind of star that would shine for a very very long time. You have a share of people throwing you slime and all kinds of mud to discredit your brilliance but you shine through – there’s no amount of cloud in the sky could ever conceal a bright star that you are. But don’t be blinded by your own light – God gave you that light so you could radiate it to His children living in the shadows of hopelessness.

Continue to be an inspiration. Continue polishing and honing your gift – shine some more until your rays reach the darkest corners of the world where lonely Filipinos and people need a small spark of joy, a little ray of hope in their lonely existence. Always keep in mind that there are children somewhere, dreamy and looking up to a starry-starry night gazing at your Star, and just like you once, wishing their dreams will come true.

Carry on Laarnie. God put you there with a purpose. Anchor your stardom to His purpose and you will not be dazzled, you will not be blinded, you will always have a place to come home for goodness and God is in your heart.





When the show is over

And the crowd is gone.

After the applause has faded

And alone you stand.

Remember that I will be backstage ~


After the blinding

Kleig lights

Are gone.


I wish you well.

 ~ Jeques a.k.a. nonoisebarred

For more of my works – poetry, prose, paintings, photography – please visit my web nook with link below:


Please click link to YouTube video clip to hear Laarnie Lozada sing with credits to LaarnieTV, owner of the video.



Note: To know how I become a LAARNIAN, please read my previous post: The Fan with link below:










13 responses

  1. jeques, i like this piece of writing intended for Laarni. this had shown your great concerns for her. i am confident that Laarni will still be singing from her heart and the truthfulness that she showed on TV will still linger through time. i like the way you have written this piece and anchoring the subject on klieg lights. honestly, i have learned a lot about how stars would sometimes lose their way. continue to remind Laarni to be always honest and faithful in the Lord.

    if she anchors her faith to God, she will be on good hands amidst the maddening crowd and still hold her ground.

    AM000000120000005230 10, 2007 at 12:00 am09

  2. Marvin,

    I don’t know why Laarnie did this to me. I’m never a showbiz person but when I heard her sing – it started it all and there’s no way I could get away with it. I’m too involved now.

    My works are posted in Laarni’s website. The creator of the website Dlight and I created a feature in that website for poetry – I titled it : A QUIET PLACE TO REST inspired from my poem with the same title. If you want, I can introduce you to dlight so you would become one of the authurs of the space – we need voices like yours. You can contribute poetry and anything. My purpose when I agree to create that corner is to have a space for filipinos around the world where they could relax, be refreshed through poetry and more.

    Just tell me if you are interested to give your service through writing.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    AM000000120000001030 10, 2007 at 12:00 am09

  3. Beautiful post! I don’t know the whole story of Laarni, but I will take a peek at her website! This is such a special tribute to all stars who stumble in the artificial lights of fame!

    AM00000010000002730 10, 2007 at 12:00 am09

  4. Gemma,

    I suggest you also read my post: The Fan – that’s how I started to become a fan and some glimpses on who Laarnie is.

    I’m glad you’re back. I will visit your website later.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    AM00000010000004830 10, 2007 at 12:00 am09

  5. jeques, i would love to join dlight’s corner, and i can contribute some pieces of writing apt for the theme of patronizing Laarni’s talent.

    PM00000050000002530 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  6. Marvin,

    Please visit


    Then register. Inform me of your username so I could recommend you to dlight to make your status an Author to get an acces in adding articles.

    I will be waiting.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    PM00000050000004530 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  7. hi jeques, looks like you are still updated with philippine TV. congrats to laarni.

    by the way, nice poem there, made me remember the song by Bread “guitar man’

    PM00000050000000730 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  8. Totomai,

    It is only now that I get hooked again. If you have time, read my post, The Fan – there you’ll get to know how it started.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    PM00000050000002530 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  9. In a broader interpretation of your words Jeques, we can all be blinded by the klieg lights (in their many subtle and not so subtle forms). You have spoken volumes in these two posts; far beyond just your admiration and concern for this singer from your home.

    Take care, Hugs, G

    PM000000100000004930 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  10. I do not know of the person that you are lovingly supporting, but I have seen many others “up in the lights” shatter and fall. They would be very fortunate to have a fan such as you.

    PM000000100000002531 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

  11. With so many people supporting, advising, opposing; even wise words and common sense become just another noise.

    AM00000020000005231 10, 2007 at 12:00 am10

  12. I like the idea or concept of open letter writing, it brings everything out into the open.

    Loved the poem, waiting… and still waiting for a response I bet!

    AM00000020000002131 10, 2007 at 12:00 am10

  13. I don’t know this person, but I loved the poem.

    PM000000120000004031 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

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