Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007


“Faced with uncertainties, I’ve learned to let things be, because I know that there’s somebody powerful above me who knows the way. So I let his light guide me through this journey.

And promise to give my best shot should he send apportunities along my way.”

                                                                    ~  Jeques 032005

I wrote this entry in my scrapbook-journal, march 10, 2005. Reading it now, it still give me the same empowering force like when I first sketch my thoughts and wrote the words of this entry in one of the lowest point of my life. I have gone far from that point, I have given my best shot that brought me to where I am today.

Chances favor a prepared mind.

I always have an open heart.


One response

  1. One thing I have had to learn the hard way is never stay too long inside the house. Somehow, positive energy stagnates and there is a very debilitating sense of marking time or treading water even. So I walk, perhaps wander to see where some pathway leads.

    The other day, I was very broke,(again ~ as per usual ~ an ongoing heartache) so couldn’t drive far except to do the necessary shopping. Instead of driving straight home, I walked unfamiliar streets behind the shopping centre. It is not a particularly scenic area, but I found treasures. It was there I took a pic of a white cockatoo in a home driveway. (It appears in my blog!) I was overjoyed! By the time I returned to my car, (with other unusual pics as well) my spirit felt very different from how it felt when I began my journey.

    The time out was worth it!

    Try it!

    AM00000030000004631 10, 2007 at 12:00 am07

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