Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

The Mother’s Lullaby

I love you my precious child, my bliss. You carry the sweetest juice of my veins. My costliest joys come from you. You deserve the fullness of my affection. The brightest and the loveliest of all the fruits I bear in my womb and grew on my branches season after season.

Even when you were just about to bloom out of the bud I conceived from a leaf I shed in october, I knew by maternal instinct, that your fate would be different. You attracted a bizarre mob of insects: bees, bugs, ants, butterflies. They all feasted on your sweet nectar. The wind stole you kisses morning and night, and along carried your fragrance too distant. Perhaps, your spirit had reached faraway lands and shores even as a tyke. You were destined to travel, you will go places.

I cling to you the longest. You mellow in my nourishement. I wanted to embrace you forever, but I know, I could not. The hardest of all my tasks is knowing that I have to let you go when I’m done with my duty with you. I fear that that day, I dread the thought. I stayed awake day and night to guard you. I loath the winds for they might snatch you out of my grip. I curse the insects for they are taking too much of you. I resent their carelessand harsh advances. Because I know, being your mother, that you would live a life far more than all that.

But you are already sturdy as the tree that you would become early on. I am relieve from all my anxieties as you surpass, surviving your initial tribulations. I am proud watching you metamorphose into a tiny precious fruit. I cherished our moments together.

We danced and flirted with the winds. At night, we counted and wished upon every stars. We revered the beauty of wild flowers and sniff their exotic perfumes that permeate the gardens and the fields. I welcome the birds that serenade you on my branches. I nourish you with crystal clear water of springs that my roots sip from the nearby streams. I catch and gathered the dew in my leaves to bathe you in the morning. We are cleansed by the cool ppristine showers of the rain. The sun keeps us warmth and dry. I ask the sun to smile at you, but at noon, I leaned over a canopy of my leaves to shield you from the scorching heat of midday rays.

We marvel at the gifts of every sunrise. The sunset blesses us with tranquility and peace. On quiet moonlit nights, I rock you on my cradle to sleep. I watch you close in you slumber, as I sung you lullabies. My soul feels glad at your existence, my heart leaps. I caress your face tenderly with my leaves. One touch, and I felt bliss.

You’re more than everything I asked for,

More than anything I need.

You are my son, my beloved.

Her lullaby fades as she kiss her angel goodnight. She closes her eyes wanting to freeze the moment, but then she, too, falls into a deep blissful sleep.

You breathe me life, so I may live,

You’re the reason that I exist.

You are my mother,

My life, to you I am indebted.


To my mother and all the mothers of writers island and the world.

Happy Mothers Day!

For Writers Island prompt: “Fantasy”



6 responses

  1. This is my first mother’s day read 😀 and I’m glad it was! Simply beautiful!

    AM00000040000004731 10, 2007 at 12:00 am05

  2. A mammoth testament to motherhood. Great.

    PM00000010000001831 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm05

  3. Absolutely beautiful Jeques. Very touching. G

    PM00000090000000831 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm05

  4. jeques, what a way to celebrate mother’s day with these beautiful words. may i ask, are you born in october, because i was. if that is, how parallel our universe are. my mother, i have loved her through understanding that no matter what she is, im still her child. my mother is not perfect but i know time will heal all wounds.

    whatever it is, i still pay homage to all the mothers in the world. thanks for writing this beautiful piece.

    PM000000100000000130 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  5. I was born July 31, 1972, Marvin.

    God finds a way to balance things, my mother gave me the love my father was unwilling to give me. But I think now that’s maybe the reason for my love-hate relationship with him – when I was born being the youngest my father competed with me on the attention of my mother who devoted her time with me because I was sickly. I have long forgiven my father – but it is hard to forget my resentments. In time, perhaps.

    I’m going to catch up with my reading later – I’m off to get my driver’s here in the US. Next week, I will buy my first car – a car I can call my own. I used to drive in the Philippines – but it was a company car and a family car. Now, it’s really my car. God is so good, Marvin

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    PM000000100000001630 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  6. jeques, that’s a bonus for you. yeah, God is good all the time. what a joy that you have your first car of your own. it was an achievement.

    PM000000100000004230 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

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