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Happy Thoughts (Tanka)

Ati-atihan ‘08*

Physical looks fade,

Hard times, too, would come to pass,

But happy thoughts stay.


You left me good memories

I’m certain they will remain.

Atiatihan ‘08
Ati-atihan Festival, January, 2008. Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines

(I had the chance to drop by and witness the colorful Ati-atihan festival during my recent home-coming) 


Tanka(short poem) vs Renga/Renku(linked poem)

TANKA(or short poem) is the type of Japanese
literature which arose first in order. It has
been in vogue for over 20 centuries down to the
present day.

TANKA consists of 5 lines of 5,7,5,7,7 syllables
respectively. Tanka also attaches importance to
the seasons, so that there are sections for the
four seasons in any anthology of Tanka.
But it also contains several other sections,
such as Love, Journeys and uncertainties of life.
In which reference to the seasons is not necessary.

Again in Tanka, Love is an important subject, while
it is very rarely employed as a theme in Haiku. And
all Haiku dealing with Love, Journey and such other
human affairs contain season-words.

RENGA or later known RENKU or linked poem
appeared next. Origin dated far back to the
1st century composed jointly by an aged man and
by the heroic imperial prince Yamatotakem-no-Mikoto.

1st century to 1100’s – Renga’s popularity
gradually increased among courtiers and noblemen.

709-784 A.D. – Nara period
784-1186 A.D. – Heian period
1124 – 1141 A.D. – reign of Emperor Sutoko.

RENGA consists of 2 Hemistich. It is exactly the
same form as the Tanka or short poem, but it
it was sort of literary pastime.

The 1st Hemistich of 5,7,5 syllables was composed
by one man and the 2nd Hemistich of 7,7 syllables
by another. In contradiction to Tanka and Haiku
which are both serious verses, the Renga or linked
poem is comic and humorous in content and language,
making free use of pivot-words and associated words.

1186-1339 – Kamakura period, the rise of 2 anta-
gonistic groups that write linked poems:
Ushin-ha(or refined school) – serious in content
bore striking resemblance to Tanka(or short poem)
Mushin-ha(or unrefined school) – comocal and
humorous. Their poems come to be called Haikai-
no-Renga or simply Haikai or comic linked poem.
Often composed as yokno or after-entertainment
at Renga party.

Haikai – comic linked poems were often composed as
“Yokyo” or after-entertainment at renga parties.

Hokku – the first hemistich of a chain of linked
poems or starting Hemistich – it must be complete
sentence and contain a word referring to one or other
of the seasons.
Hokku is the most important of the Hemistichs and had
to be composed by the best poet of the joint writer.

1744-1748 – Enkyo era –
Hokku began often to be called: HAIKU – a cross between
Haikai and Hokku.

Haikai became to be called Renku or linked poem.

It is noteworthy fact that during the last half
century very few poets have written renku and it
may safely be said that the Renku is at present
an almost extinct and there are no signs of revival.

1868-1902 Masaoka Shiki can be traced to be the cause
of the decline of the Renku and is largely attributed
to him. He maintained that the Renku or linked poems
is not literature and did not essay his hand in that


Meeting Of The Minds


A view of the moon from the Philippines

Kindred Spirits

Separated by time and space

From different corners of the world

Gaze at the same moon

In the same sky,

Though from different angles.


Their minds’ eyes meet

Their souls commune

Collaborating poetry.


A view of the moon from Chicago

Second Chance, From The Seed’s Perspective

Second Chance. Who could understand it better but I, the seed. Because ’tis when I am almost destroyed that I am about to grow. Here is how second chance is seen from where I lay, here’s how second chance means from the seed’s perspective.

I’m trapped down here in the dark walls of the earth.

Above me are thickened layers of hardened dirt.

I was once up there, I’m a child of the light.

The sun smiles, winds’ kisses, rains used to bath me.

But now I’m stuck, darkness enfolds me.

I’m thriving, dreaming. I am alone completely.

‘Tis my ineffable hope that’s left of me.

Would there’ll be someone up there to rescue me?

My thoughts of the light, my blissfull days brace me.

I’d transcend these adversities.

There’s a wonderful world for me to see.

I will escape the sadness that enslaves me.

I’ll live and not die, the morning awaits me.

I’ll gather my strength, my brave heart will free me.

I’m a seed destined to be a seasoned tree.

My courage is ingrained, ’tis deep within me.

(From my “Seed” series poem ~ Ingrained: Child Of The Light)


Seed #1, pen and ink on paper. By:Jeques B. Jamora, Nov. ’98


seed #2, pen and ink on paper. By: Jeques B. Jamora, Nov. ’98


seed #3, pen and ink on paper. By: Jeques B. Jamora, Nov. ’98


seed #4, pen and ink on paper. By: Jeques B. Jamora, Nov. ’98

I wish to grow into a lovely tree,

Where people could sit under my cool shade

And rest their weary minds, hearts and bodies.


I wish to grow into a healthy tree,

So I could bear fruits and feed people

I would nourish the hungry humanity.


I wish to grow into a sturdy tree;

People would build houses from my branches.

A shelter, a home, I would be glad to be.


I wish to grow into a seasoned tree,

So bridges and light posts will rise from me.

I would be your road, I would light your way.


But for now, I’m a seed. Don’t look down at me.

I maybe small, but the morn will change me.

I’m full of dreams, and life ahead of me.


I wish to grow into a mother tree.

Thousands of seeds would come alive from me.

Seeds metamorphosed to homes of love.


I will be your shelter, eternally.

(From my “Seed” series poem – “The Seed’s Wishes”)

For every spring time is another chance and the sunlight that shower us with kisses in the morning are constant reminders that there is a second chance ~ we just need to open our cores and let the sunshine in, and accept the bounty of the gifts of life.


Nostalgia(For Writers Island)


“Nostalgia” oil on canvas, 30×38. By: Jesus Jeques B. Jamora, November 2007

I was born and I grew up in one of my homeland’s scattered islands, in the heart of the Philippine Archipelago. Our country is embraced by the sea; if God is the ocean, then He must have loved the Filipinos so much. We are constantly caressed by the sea waves come high tide or low tide,  the ocean enfolds us. We are generously showered by God’s salty kisses.



Rare pearls of south sea

Strewn on far off  shores

Conspicuous gems.

(From my Filipino Immigration, Haiku Series #5)

The beach is one thing I miss about home ~ my walks in the sea shores, the brine touching my skin, the sand tickling the soles of my feet, the view of the open sea’s apparent horizon nourishing my dreams. I am now here ”beyond that horizon,” which I just used to watch in my walks in the strands.

Sometimes, you will never really know and understand a thing until you stay away from it. I now undertand better what I love about my country, and what I miss about home. The sea is one of them.

My earliest memory of the sea are the mangroves. These dense thickest along the rivers and the tidal shores was my first view of the sea. We live in the inland, so before I saw the endless emerald green seas under the azure skies, my young eyes was already captured by this mystical greens that lined the coasts and the river banks. There is something in their verdancy that transport me back in time.

Mangroves are time machines of my nostalgia for simplier, uncomplicated life of childhood. It brings me back to the summer of my youth, of my first boat ride, of  fishing, of hunting, of swimming in the pristine river brine. My happy thoughts and bitter-sweet longing for my first sunburn.


Photographs from my recent home-coming to the Philippines.


The Sea, You and Me

I’ve seen how everything are connected

That somehow we are one ~ interrelated.

As I tread the sands stretching to the sea,

And my size is engulfed by its infinity,

I watch in great wonder how God links things.

And How God connected you to me~


The seawaves gently kissing the seashores.

The shore that’s bed to the infinite sands.

The sand that reaches the roads, that lead me home.

The home inside my heart where you belong.


You are safe in my heart you are home now.

Today, as you open the doors, streets you will see.


Walk the streets, it will lead you to me.

The many winding roads take you somewhere,

To the beach, maybe.

The beach where the sands are gathered

Forming the fine strands kissed by the sea.

The sea that stretches reaching me here.

The enormous sea that links you to me.


Thinking of the sea, painting the mangroves, feeding my nostalgia. When shall the salty sea-breeze of home ever kiss me again?

~ Jeques




Valentines Seen In A Different Light

valentines 3

Dawn: The moon and the sleepless sea. Boracay Island, Philippines

I never had somebody to call mine,

Nobody ever called me their Valentine.


A Certified single since birth,

I share to no one my life’s mirths.


I understand, and have few compaints.

I remain not jaded, am free of taints.


There’s no space for bitterness in my heart,

Ardor overflows in its every part.

valentines 2

 Midday: Taking Sails. Boracay Island, Philippines


But no matter how strong or smart I am,

There’s no guarantee that pain wouldn’t come.


I welcome pain with open mind,

I wait for love for me to find.


I loved and was hurt, too, once.

Though ’twas an unconsumated romance.


We took on sail, but not moored our feelings.

So we soared and fell like birds with broken wings.


There are no more emblems left of our love,

But the sad poems chanted by a waif dove.


Dusk: Waif dove. Boracay Island, Philippines 


Pages turn yellow, and the mind forgets,

But the soul recalls the songs of our heartbeats.


And now, for a broken heart like mine,

How would I greet you, Happy Valentines?


I’ve nothing to share, I could only comment:

Anchor your love, celebrate each moment.


You’ll never know how special the love you’ve done,

Til the person you’ve shared it with is gone.


My 8 Days Series Poem: Changes


 Changes (Day – 1)

You help me embrace life completely,

All these years I live but did not see;

All the wonderful things around me.

I always revere the morning, alright!

But not as intense the way ’tis today.

I see every ‘lil gifts somehow,

That each morning unfolds to me now.

My eyes are astute with colors, I know.

But not keen as my eyes now do.

I now see the silver lines in blue.

‘Tis not color blindness,

Dont get me wrong, please no!

I just see the brighter side of life now,

And these are all because of you.

So many more stories to tell you,

But I will just save ‘em for tomorrow.

I have written a list, it is long though.

But I would like to share ‘em all with you ~


 Changes (Day – 2)

The sun now peeks through the mountain ridges.

In hand is my pen,

And you’re in my mind again.


I’ve got to go on with changes.

You’ve got to know what exactly are these.


As I open my eyes to start the day,

I find things at the right places

As if they were all prepared for me.

I’m not sure of this exactly.

Have I look at them now differently?

Well then, I must really be so lucky.


Before, I would just drag myself out of bed.

Rise from my slamber with an aching head.

I’m up, but I would rather stay in bed.

There was no reason to wake up anyway,

Or move on and live.


But now, rising is easier for me.

Having you in mind changed everything ~

My thoughts, my life, my morning ~


You’re the reason I wake up every day.

Isn’t that wonderful?

‘Tis great, you see.


So many more stories to tell you,

But I will just save ‘em for tomorrow.

I have written a list, ’tis long though.

But I would like to share ‘em all with you.


Cahnges (Day – 3)

Good Day!

You must have waited for me

To listen to the story, I cut short yesterday.


I’ve disclosed to you how I wake up.

Today, I’ll reveal how I’ve almost stopped,

In the verge of giving up.


The agony is intense

The hurting is within.

I am sweating so cold that I almost give in.

I saw the light slowly dying.

My heartbeats are slowing.

My soul is dying.


This is not the first,

But the worst for some time.

I feel numbed, and I don’t seem to care.

In one brief instance,

I was almost there.

But something has changed within me.

I’m surprised I thrived today.

I heared my inner voice begging me to stay.


I gather my strength and just breath.

Darkness is behind me, the lights are ahead.

‘Tis your love that saved me from death.

You are my spring time.

Enough said.


So many more stories to tell you,

But I will just save ‘em for tomorrow.

I have written a list, it is long though.

But I would like to share ‘em all with you.


Changes (Day – 4)

I know you’re there waiting for this.

You want to know, what else is there,

What’s more with changes.

Well then, let me now end your weariness.


I was given a second lease of life, another chance.

I will not stop, I will go the distance.

I will chase my destiny,

My sails are ready.

I will reap sweet victories,

For you are with me.


In moments of uncertainties

Someone is ahead to pave my way.

He clears the narrow arteries,

He builds bridges for me.


He is my life raft in the rough seas;

My compass when terrains are hazy.

I fear no more my journey’s dark alleys,

For God lights a candle inside me.


So many more stories to tell you,

But I will just save ‘em for tomorrow.

I have written a list, ’tis long though.

But I would like to share ‘em all with you.


Changes (Day – 5)

My thoughts of you

Wake me up today.

You’d think, there’s nothing new

It happens everyday.

But listen, there are more changes in me.


You made me smile, ’tis more than that

You’re the source of my laughter.

You ease my sorrows, ’tis more than that

You made my days and moods brighter.


We become closer each day, ’tis more than that

We get along so well.

You’re my friend, ’tis more than that

We’re like secret lovers.


The morning turns exciting, ’tis more than that

Each moment is exhilarating.

I have good night rests, ’tis more than that

I’m at peace with God, you made my heart sing.


You’re more than everything I asked for

You’re more than anything I need.

And still, you’re more than all that.


So many more stories to tell you,

But I will just save ‘em for tomorrow.

I have written a list, ’tis long though.

But I would like to share ‘em all with you.


Changes (Day – 6)

‘Tis the 6th day, I’ve gone a long way

Changes brought me this far

I am immersed completely.


I’ve lived my life for no reason;

That’s how it used to be.

But now each moment leaves a lesson

You changed me all the way.


You’re in every speck of me ~

In my art, in my dreams ~

You’re in every details I see.


I see your face painted in the flowers,

I feel your essence in the air I breath.

I see your eyes sparkle in rain showers,

You’re a gemstone in the sands of myth.


So many more stories to tell you,

But I will just save ‘em for tomorrow.

I have written a list, ’tis long though

But I would like to share ‘em all with you.


Changes (Day – 7)

You pulled me up from a muck,

You released me when I was stuck ~

The better side of me were unlocked.

Looking back from where I started,

You enriched me completely, indeed.

For one, you’ve made me said

All the things I’ve ever wanted.


My mind in bondage has been freed.

The restraints in my heart ~ I once consented ~

Have been emancipated.


‘Tis great to think with a free mind;

‘Tis wonderful to love with an unrestrained heart.


A new beginning has dawned today.

You are God’s precious gift for me.


There’s a finale to every story

In changes, ours will end differently.

Our love-tale will evolve incessantly.

Till death it will grow in you and me.


There is one more thing I want to tell you,

But I will just save that for tomorrow.

My written list is now down to zero.

But I’d like to share one last thing with you.

day 8

 Changes ( Day  8 )

I started this journey blind.

There is no map for me to guide.

I only have you in my mind,

And my faith in God to ride.


The circle is now complete

Changes have reached day eight.

The winding roads are now straight ~

Changes unreeled our love’s fate.


What remain constant in this world are changes.

I can’t contend with life’s realities.

Love alone can defy all these.

I have seized forever in eight days.


You helped me embrace life completely.

A brighter tomorrow with you, I see.

You can be certain of this with me.

I feel stillness of heart with you today.


And now, what’s left for us to do

Is to make eternity come true.


Changes are the series of poems I wrote April 9 to April 16, 2003. It’s through this series that I coined my life’s Mantra: 

‘Tis Great to think with a free mind; ‘Tis wonderful to love with an unrestrained heart.” 

The images attached are the series of photographs of Bay-bay, Roxas City’s Sunrise, which I took during my recent home-coming to the Philippines. This is the beach where I used to do my morning walks, where I got the inspiration and where this series of poems was conceived.

https://jeques.wordpress.com/2008/02/05/when-the-feeling-is-gone/ is the recent sequel to the series.


Changes is my contribution for the Writers Island prompt this week: Changed.

Please click link below to navigate to the writers island:


When The Feeling Is Gone

touching the sand 

 Bay-bay, Roxas City, Philippines. January 30, 2008



I tried to dip my toes in the water,

To try to re-live the past;

To check if the feeling is still there,

But the magic is gone.

The things that used to remind me of you

Has become just ordinary things as they were,

For they are.

Back to the way they used to be.


I used to see your face in the flowers

Now I only see petals.

The cotton clouds in the sunny skies

Don’t form to spell your name anymore ~

Not even the stars.


kisses in the breeze gone

Bay-bay, Roxas City. Philippines. January 30, 2008



The arched sky ceased to echo your memories like before,

I don’t feel your kisses in the breeze anymore.


I’m sorry,

But I think we lost the magic.



I didn’t feel the usual thrill

In my return;

I didn’t feel your presence

When the brines caressed my toes,

And stopped to yearn for your embrace.

The sands even failed to tickle the soles of my feet

Like your thoughts

Unable to summon up my fancy.

Archives in my heart

Boracay Island, Philippines. January 26, 2008

So now I gather the sweet ruins

From our past

Becoming just part

Of my valued collections.

They are safe in a folder

In my memory;

You are treasured in a vault

In my heart as ever.

Only now you belong

To the archives.


Dawning Magic

dawning magic

Boracay Island, Philippines. January 26, 2008

I start to paint a new story

In the night’s fading black canvas.

The brines wash the shores

Back to pristine white

From the stains of yesterdays.

The dark shadows of last night

Start to leave the skies

As the rays of morning light

Begin to dawn.

The moon bids goodbye

To her reflections in the sleepless sea.

As I welcome the new beginnings

Of my life’s dawning magic.


dawning magic

Boracay Island, Philippines. January 26, 2008

A few of you know the passing away of my father and my coming home to the Philippines – the reason for my absence here for quite awhile. I would like to thank everyone who dropped by my nook and left kind words that help ease my grief. I would like to share with you the piece I delivered during my father’s necrological rites as my way of saying Thank You

I wish you all well.

~ Jeques

“Dawning Magic” is my contribution to Writers Island prompt this week: Magic. Please click link below to navigate to the writers island:


Thank You


This is the piece I delivered during my father’s necrological rites- Roxas City, Philippines (January 19, 2008)

It is not easy growing up and sharing the attention of my father to his work and the community he is passionate to serve. We grew up asking why his time outside home is always seem more important, and why between us and other people, he always seem to prefer to be with the later. We grew up keeping this question in our thoughts and in our hearts even from my earliest memories.

When I was a child, about 4 years old, I saw for the first time a helicopter. It was a rare occasion that I was with papang because it was mamang’s graduation day. We were in the middle of an excited crowd, among people anticipating the arrival of the helicopter. He spoke with his students and other people we met as we continue our way through the sea of strangers in my child’s eyes. I feel so small holding on to his hand, when suddenly we heard loud sounds mixing with the noisey commotions of the crowd signalling the arrival of what we have waited. The people around us was in chaos. Papang, so absorbed talking to people forgot about me and my tiny grip lossing me in the crowd. I was scared crying as I drifted in the turbulent  ocean of strangers. I have vague memory how I was found in that middle of chaos, but the memory would always haunt me til these days.

We understand growing up that we will never have the full attention we yearned from papang – our family always have to share him with his world outside our home. And between us and them, our family always have to take the back seat in his life. Perhaps the reason for my wanting to achieve something is my unconcious effort to catch his attention.

I always consider papang as the sky in my life – distant, but is an authority. I think this is true for all of us his children. We strive to be better persons because we don’t want to fail him.

As I listen to the inspiring words from voices of the different organizations he took part and people he worked with and served, I am beginning to link his absence in our life growing up to the time he spent with some of you present today – you are his world outside our home. I understand.

As I look at the crowd now, I remember again my first view of the helicopter. I now have totally lost my grip to his hand. But I’m not scared and I don’t feel lost anymore. I feel not alone anymore with your presence.

On behalf of Mamang, who is most affected by this lost and our family, I would like to express our gratitude to all of you for honoring my father. We believe he is more than deserving with all his sacrifices to be true to his calling for service – even if we his faimly is part of the sacrifices.

Thank you for being with our family to honor the man who forgets his family and even himself all in the genuine spirit of service. It did not make us rich but as I look around, I am grateful that our family is blessed with many friends. I believe papang from above is watching and feel fulfilled with his life’s journey.

Thank you for all your precious presence here today to share our sorrow. All your kind gestures lighten our grief. We find comfort in your kind words, and warmth with your presence in this moment of cold.

Thank you to our family and relatives to share express our love.

Thank you to all the priests who offered masses. I can imagine how happy papang must be somewhere watching. The masses offered has delivered him door to door to heaven.

Thank you to all of you who are here present to be with us to send him off to the place where he would be reunited with God he loves.

Thank you to all the people who for some reasons were not able to make it here today, but are with us in their thoughts and their prayers to ask God to welcome Leonardo D. Jamora’s arrival in his arms, in his love, home in heaven.


You must go on, and I must go.

I would be near, I would never leave you.

I would be the brilliant star to guide you.

The breeze to kiss you.


You must go on, and I must go.


Finally, we would like to thank God for giving us the treasure that is papang – now that we are about to return him, we appreciate more the gift. The people gathered here are living proof how much hearts were touched by his life.

Please don’t forget papang. His immortality lies in the memories that you would keep alive in your hearts.