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On Overcoming Fears

I wrote this piece years back after I watch the film Gattaca for a friend I was beginning to open up my defenses. But it was fleeting and gone before I even realized that I have uncovered so much of myself already. That brief instant, made me reveal myself but more important, it made me examine my life and eventually gave me the courage to come to terms with my fears.



I am tough, I’m strong. You think I am? You’re wrong.

For there are fears I never confronted

In my life’s circles I just tag along ~

Dare me say it ~ I just compensated.


I fear rejections, so I am alone.

My first taste of it when I was young,

Pierced me deep to my bone.

The scar ever fresh from the rejection’s fang.


I’m scared of goodbye’s, so I fear saying hello.

Why start a conversation that would end?

Friends like pages untouched turn yellow.

If only I have one, but trusted friend.


I fear mistakes, so I keep on learning.

I hunger for things that feed my mind.

But they never satiate this empty feeling.

They simply fill the time of my kind.


I fear failures, so I’m over working.

Thinking that work makes me happy.

Failures are lost when I’m absorbed on something.

But I was wrong, my job just enslave me.


I fear falling in love, so I forsake love.

The sting of rejection hits me this far.

‘Tis my shield, the only ghetto I have.

Hard to decipher like a mystic star.


I fear death, so I go on living.

This compensation did me more good.

Life moves me to face what I’m fearing.

Fate brought me standing before a forked road.


Should I walk back, move forth, or run away?

And just do the things that are expected of me.

I step forward and tread the road to a new day.

This path will determine my destiny.


My life from this point is how I choose it.

New beginnings prod me, and I don’t fear a bit.


Years later, as I write this, I re-examine my life. Where did that road took me? My choice made me go the distance, but it’s sad that the same road split my path from my friend who knows so much about me. And I’m not sure if somewhere, along the highways we tread, we’ll reach a station where our life’s paths would cross again.





5 responses

  1. Peace.

    Bravery in the writing.

    AM00000060000000231 10, 2007 at 12:00 am12

  2. Thanks SurfaceEarth!

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    PM000000110000000331 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm12

  3. This piece was moving to me on so many levels…I do believe they are common fears for many because I found myself relating on so many levels. I also found that you provoked me into understanding some things about myseelf that I hadn’t thought of before…especially “I’m scared of goodbyes, so I fear hellos.” For so many years I kept to myself because people I cared about always left…or I would just get to know a friend and really enjoy their friendship, and they would have to leave…it happened so much, and my heart wasn’t good at recovering. I’m better now, as I hope you are because you have so much to offer people with your words…even if they only know you for a fleeting moment, they have taken a special piece of wisdom that may last a lifetime…

    The other – “I fear mistakes so I keep on learning.” I never thought of this possibility before. I LOVE to learn…in some ways it’s to challenge me to keep moving forward and “living” as you say…it also keeps me interested…but now, after reading this, I do say it has a lot to do with fear of mistakes and failure too…I wonder why people sometimes fear the gifts they’ve been given?

    Sorry this was so long, but I could really relate! I do hope you and your friend meet again…if not, I hope you will meet another someone to share your valuable, cherishable words. Peace be with you my friend…and thanks for visiting.

    PM00000040000005931 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm05

  4. jeques, the contradictions set as a tone for this poem is so affecting. i never thought that essential truths can be revealed in this poem. all in one poem. yeah, you hit the bull’s eye. and there is so much wisdom here. i totally agree on this piece.

    and it had left me standing on the crossroads and reflect,”where am i going?”. this is true,in some point in our lives, we need to confront ourselves of the brave questions we are so afraid of facing.

    PM000000100000004930 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  5. Yes, Marvin.

    Before we even aspire of conquering the world, we need to learn to conquer our inner demons first. Only then that we could say, we are ready.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    PM000000110000000930 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

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