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I call my mother “Mamang.” That’s how both my parent’s family call their mothers, and that’s how we are taught as kids to call her. It is Mamang’s Birthday today, but I called to greet her yesterday because the Philippines’ time is 12-13 hours ahead than my time here in Chicago.

She is 60 years old now and I am in her life for 35 years. Everybody know that I am my mother’s favorite, and I can safely claim that. She is a nurturing mother and that’s true of her to all her four children, even to our father. And she never failed to show this since I can remember.

It is always hard to write something for my mother. Even if I know she will never get to read this (I don’t let my family read my blog ~ they don’t even know I’m doing this). When you hold somebody dear in your heart, words are just not enough. It is my dream to write great stories about her ~ I have started writing a long narrative piece for her and it’s still in progress. I’ve been working on it since 2005, and still under way. She deserves the honor in my writings for she is my first reader, my greatest fan, my source of inspiration. She did not taught me how to write but she taught me how to tell stories. When we write, we have imagined readers in our mind and for me, my mother is one of the readers I consider when I write. That’s one of the reason maybe why I always aim for clarity in my works. My mother always like to read uncomplicated materials.

My mother is always proud in whatever I do. She’s the reason why I kept my life in the right path: I promised myself not to do anything that would make my mother less proud of me. And I have kept that promise. 

Mamang is my life.


You’re more than everything I asked for,

More than anything I need.


You are my son,

My beloved.


You breathe me life so I may live,

You’re the very reason I existed.


Mamang, you are my life.


To you,

 I am indebted.


An excerpt from the long narrative I’m writing for my mother. This is “Mother and Child,” a part, sung by the characters in that work in progress.

Happy Birthday Mamang!

In time, you will read this. And I know you will be proud of me.


~ Jeques




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