Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007



Clean Slate (Tanka)

By: Jesus B. Jamora


Take off your old skin

Another chance is given.

Start on a clean slate,

Fresh page awaits your pen ~

Your new journey now begins.


What brought me here? I believe in divine providence, that explains my coming here and how I started Jeques’s Web Nook.


Conspiracy Theory (Senryu)

By: Jesus B. Jamora


Celestial forces

Conspire for my heart’s desires ~

Divine providence.


I created a thread at pinoyexchange.com: http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=293811. I received some good entries, but my thread became less exciting with the dropping number of readers and contributors, until from nowhere came Totomai http://distillingthoughts.blogspot.com/  expressing his interest on the Haiku which was the form I used to write my pieces: “Scents Of Childhood.” It was a productive exchanges. He got inspired and posted a blog about the Haiku: http://distillingthoughts.blogspot.com/search/label/Haiku and I was encouraged to create my own blog which brought me here. Totomai introduced me to blogging. He pave me the way to start something I always wanted to do. He was instrumental in my creation of my Jeques’s Web Nook, so I could have my own corner to express my thoughts. He brought me here, and I’m forever grateful.

Three months later, and this post, my 100th entry. I have so far posted more than a hundred poems, some of my paintings, my initial attempts on photography, journal entries, essays and random thoughts. I have meet many valuable friends, visited and read many blogs that link me to many new frontiers and possibilities I never thought existed, got inspired and moving forth from here. But I always go back to that incessant vision:

“. . . of me in my mind: standing on the bank of a river, I watch the waters flow, and wonder where the river came, and where life goes. I can only look as far as my eyes can see and my heart can imagine.”

I thank God for giving me a venue to praise Him with my works through my gift that He gave. I thank Totomai for paving the way. I thank all of you who visited, read, left comments in my nook which inspire and encourage me. You became my friend in this new community I’m starting to be familiar with and I’m beginning to enjoy. You play a part in the universal conspiracy that brought me here.

The leaves are like pages, as books are trees.

And I, a leaf in God’s verdant forests `

I’m a single thread on God’s tapestries.


I wish you all well.

~ Jeques





2 responses

  1. hello Jeques, congrats on your 100th post. lol. you must be very productive and overflowing with ideas . anyways, i am humbled by this entry of yours. i just started blogging early this year too and now i am catching up time to write one and visit blogsites. you know, our project is taking-off lol.

    again. thank you. also thanks for that thread in pinoyexchange. made me visit my poetry once again.

    ill try to visit again. aaa. work. hehe

    PM00000040000005330 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm11

  2. jeques


    Thanks for finding time to drop by and read this entry. It would have not been complete without you reading. Perhaps now you know how your simple gesture of encouraging me to create my blog means so much to me and how it brought me here. Thanks again and Until next time.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    AM00000030000005630 10, 2007 at 12:00 am11

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