Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

Rising: Welcoming The Light


As I draw the curtains open ~

Welcoming the lights to my room ~ in the morning,

I’m warmly greeted by ethereal scenery

From my window of the garden.


Velv’ty petals, captivating.

Ferns’ fronds waving, pruned bonsai trees, green leaves sparkling.

The morning dew trickles on the leaves, like pearls dripping.

My secret treasures, my blessings.


Along, a light soundtrack playing

Of winds whistling and birds in the background chirping.

Close eyes, I inhaled the eucalyptus essence

Wafting the air of the morning.


A breeze steals me a tender kiss

In my mind, I draw someone’s face, and lips, and wished.

Evanescence, with open eyes my wish vanished.

‘Tis gone, like a dream, leaves no trace.


Fruits mellow as I wake today.

Seeds sprout, birds perch and nestle in the mango tree.

Fishes swim in the pond, confined yet feeling free.

Tendrils cling, vines rising, like me.



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