Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

My Precious


We both collected marbles

In random, we choose and pick the finest.

And then, we exchange our hand-picked treasures.

My choice, I hand to you.

Yours, I kept precious.

May we always treasure our memories together

Like the marbles ~



You often visit me in my sleep. My dreams of you fill up the spaces of your absence. It’s consoling that we are together, even if they only happen in my dreams.

I have this strange dream of you again.

The two of us picking marbles together. Collecting marbles seemed our passion as we meticulously examine each of those tiny pieces from the dunes of sand, picking our precious find.

I was helping you pick the finest. I have already collected a few for myself, which I keep in my pocket. I even show you one of my treasured posession, which you liked, so I gave to you. In exchange, I asked for one of those you picked. I’m not sure if you like the idea, but you obliged.

You decided we both had enough, but I insisted we look some more. My suggestion did not fail us, from the rubbles of piled woods and rocks we discovered a rare find: A pair of peculiarly shaped gem of stones. We watch them closely. They look strangely familiar to me, but completely new to you. I am glad you kept them anyway.

And off we go.

I asked if you can drop me home, which you obliged. I took the backseat of your car even if I saw a certain hesitation on your face. I eventually transferred on the passenger side.

And then I awake, and you are gone.

I wrote this to keep as much of the memories from the dream. I am elated to have a glimpse of you, contented even if it happens only in a fleeting dream. It sadden me to end our moment together when I awake, though. Leaving me questions in my thoughts.

I reflect upon what the marbles and the pair of peculiar stones mean to us. Whatever this dream is telling me, I just wish that we always treasure the memories we shared together. No matter how peculiar they are, like the stones, let us keep them anyway. Like the marbles ~ precious.



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