Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

Hiwaga Ng Buhay/Life’s Mysteries


Life goes on

It does not stop.

Like the river, its flowing before we came

And will endure long after we are gone.


It moves forth

But retains the echoes of our presence

The sole testimony that once,

We shared the course of life.


The infinite pebbles that cover

The canal floors and its reefs

Are the multitude of life

That are nourished by its springs

And shaped by its currents.


We come to leave and return

To the banks of the river.


We drink from its fountains

Bathe in the streams.


We drown



Ever enchanted

By its mystical beauty.


I often watch and wonder where the river came and where life goes. For now, I can only look as far as my eyes can see and my mind can imagine. ~ Jeques


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