Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

“1sts” (2. Written Self-Expression)


My first written self expression are the sketches I created on my mother’s sari-sari(variety) store notebook, where she keep a list of our neighbors’ account in the store. I learned to draw even before I learned my ABC. It was instinctive, and I thought it was the most natural thing to do at 3. My mother was the first who gave me my first art lessons, making her my first teacher.

Flowers initially, were my favorite subject, then plants, then insects, then fishes, then trees. Until I progressed to drawing human figures and landscapes. It is just so sad that nobody cared to save my earliest works, except for some of my later sketches that my mother rescued from my highschool notebook partly altered by termites.

While my mother was the first person who appreciated my works, my father was and still is my greatest detractor. He always find fault in my works. As I grow up, I’ve learned to block his voice echoing in my ears telling me my works aren’t good enough. My mother is quick to always rescue my wounded spirit. She just love everything I do, no matter how distorted the figures in my earliest creations. It is true that mothers see their children beyond just the physical ~ my mother saw my soul in my early works.

Now that I am going back to the things I love to do as a child, memories rush in : my first written self-expressions, my first art lessons, my first teacher.  My first love.

“The mind, and the heart, and the soul, like the birds are meant to soar. Set it free. Allow your spirit to fly! ” ~ Jeques


Next time, I will tell you about the first living thing I planted. ~ Jeques


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