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The Arrival


It’s been a year since I first inhaled the crisp Chicago air. The trees then were starting to exhibit rapture of colors covering my path with their fallen leaves. It is good to discover that at 34 their are still multitude of things that surprise me.  I was a child again if only for a brief moment ~ exploring, seeing and experiencing things for the first time. But it is fleeting. Reality sets in, and I wake up one morning in the peak of my first winter realizing that this is not home. 



You welcomed me with your cold embrace

Showered me with leaves, like confitti, from your trees.

Their dying colors doubled my sadness.

Your quick to console me with your snow flakes kisses.

I don’t see myself growing old in a place like this.

Even in your shelter I feel homeless.


I wanted to bring winter home if only for a day, for that’s one reason of my coming here. The best moments lasted only for a day and that’s what I wanted to take home. On chilly winter nights, I dream of the endless sunny days of the place I’ve known and left. But I know I could never really go back. So I embraced the passing of time, I seized the fleeting change of seasons and am starting to build a life far from I used to live. I am a Filipino after all ~ resilient.

It’s been a year now, the air I breath reminds me of the time when I arrived. I watch the trees transforming back to colorful raptures. It doesn’t surprise me anymore as much when I first saw it. But I am enlightened, I am less surprised for I now understand. And that is important.


2 responses

  1. happy 1 yr of staying in the US of A.

    hope you had a great time there. anyway, of course, no matter how young or old you are, there are still things that will continue to surprise you.

    i loved autumn very much. its my favorite season when i was in japan.

    but yes, there’s no place like home


    PM00000040000003031 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

  2. jeques

    Thanks To! though things didn’t really turn out the way I expected them, the twist and turns makes life exciting. Maybe I just expected too much with my coming here. I am now readjusting things. I am now here. I might as well enjoy it.
    I like the drama of automn, too. Last year, I collected leaves and insert them in my scrapbooks, some I even sent to the Philippines. Though winter is gloomy and cold. I still love the feel of freezing breeze and snow flakes touching my skin.

    What more, the four seasons make me wear clothes I just thought of wearing in the Philippines.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    PM000000110000005531 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm10

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