Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

The Lord Be With You

Just one of those child-like love thoughts, so naive. Irritatingly cute…


If we’re unable to see,

The lord lends us his sight.

So even in darkness,

We may never loss his light.


If we’re unable to speak,

The lord lends us the wind.

So we may whisper those words

In our hearts we long to tell.


The lord will always be there.

He is in our midst, have no fear.


He is my ‘mwah,’ when I can’t kiss you;

My hands, when I can’t hold you;

My warmth, when I want to hug you ~

He is my yes, when I say no.


The lord fills the empty spaces

That separates me from you.


When I’m afraid and you’re scared,

The lord is there to guide you.

He is my 1-4-3, my I love you.


So today, I say to you:

“Friend, May the lord be with you.”


We may express our feelings in so many ways. It is not anymore important how, for as long as we are able to express it. ~ Jeques

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