Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

Our Story


We have reached the bottom of the line

Your story has ended in mine.

I guess ’tis time I face my fear

Of losing you and us forever.


I have dreams for you and me,

But you seem to think differently.

I tried to reach out each day,

But you never felt the same way.


I guess ’tis time we go our separate ways.


As we step on to the roads

That will split our paths,

I wish you well, God knows,

I have loved you enough.


For all the moments we once shared,

In my heart I will keep that.

You will always be safe here

In the strand of my memories.


Even if you have long forgotten ~


Our Story.


It is hard to find and pick up what has been lost ~ things, places, people, love. It is sad that I can only celebrate  moments with you now in my thoughts and never really relive the memories. But I contenue to hope anyway.

Hope, that is what’s left of me. ~ Jeques, 010404


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