Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

Changes (Day 2)


The sun now peeks through the mountain ridges.

In hand is my pen,

And you’re in my mind again.


I’ve got to go on with changes.

You’ve got to know what exactly are these.


As I open my eyes to start the day

I find things at the right places

As if they were all prepared for me.

I’m not sure of this exactly,

Have I look at them now differently?

Well then, I must really be lucky.


Before, I would drag myself from bed.

Rise from my slamber with an aching head.

I’m up, but I would rather stay in bed.

There was no reason to wake up anyway,

Or move on and live.


But now, rising is easier for me.

Having you in mind changed everything ~

My thoughts, my life, my morning ~


You’re the reason I wake up every day.

Isn’t that wonderful?

‘Tis great, you see.


So many more stories to tell you,

But I will just save ’em for tomorrow.

I have written a list, ’tis long though.

But I would like to share ’em all with you.



2 responses

  1. well, having an inspiration would definitely make your outlook more positive and lighter.

    we often wish to tell our loved ones all the details. sharing what we experience is an act of letting them feel special.

    PM00000050000005730 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

  2. jeques

    And that’s the only way one could take hold of the bliss felt, the special someone should be holding the other end of the line. Opening ones heart and sharing what’s inside make the bliss felt complete.

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

    AM00000020000001130 10, 2007 at 12:00 am09

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