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Love’s Sting

 At midday, alone in my room, I look at the greens outside. It is draped red by the curtain and framed by the window panes. The leaves dance to the tempo dictated by the winds; along with the melodies sung by the birds perched on the bough of the narry tree.

The lazy motion outdoors cast down my mood and carry my thoughts away. Half awake, I drift to our past. Those middays when you own me. I want those days back. I linger on the yesterdays wishing that you still belong to me.

A bee stray in my room awakening me from my reverie.

Your existence contenue to haunt me. The sting you left still hurts – I can’t help it – I love you endlessly.


One response

  1. Wretched romantic love by earthly beings…

    Stay Sexy * Sassy * SensUalicioUs!
    Joy Leng

    “Nothing in the universe can stop a joyful woman overflowing with confidence and sensUality.” – Joy Leng,
    Founder of SensUal Joy Lifestyle Studio.

    SensUal Joy was founded to inspire ladies to celebrate a Happy, Healthy and SensUal Life with like minded ladies to make a positive impact to family, community and nation.

    PM00000050000003930 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm09

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