Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

My Daily Letter To “You” #7

Balance. I have been thriving to achieve this since I can remember. Between play and school; friends and family, studies and fun, career and personal life. Balance between the things I need to do and things I really want to do. It’s like walking on a beam and any wrong move can cause chaos. But I never had any major chaos in life, which means I’m doing well so far. So I move forward. I know that I still have to hurdle a lot and to keep that balance.

I wonder how it is to balance lovelife with studies, or family, or career because I’m single since birth, and I have never done that. It must be hard. Could I possibly keep my feet on the beam? I really don’t know. I could only speak about that when I get there. For now, I’m okay with being single gathering strength so I would be ready when the right time and person comes.


In contemplation comes reason.

In silence comes peace.

In solitude comes courage.

And in seeking companion,

I found myself

To rely on.


 How do you keep your balance?

I wish you well ~ Jeques


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