Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

My Daily Letter To “You” #6

Whenever I am bored, or worried, or lonely, I take a dose of a therapy that works well for me. I focus my eyes on a single object and in my mind create stories. And then I am grateful; Relieved from whatever that worries me, from loneliness and my mind is once again busy.

There is always a story in things. The paper weight for example in my study table went through a process before it find home( or job) in my little world. I wonder how many eyes look at it closely, whose fingers touched it in the store before it ended with me when I bought it. Was it glad with my first touch and when I took it home? Are we meant to be? Many angles we can view a single thing that could conjure thoughts to form stories.


There is a story in everything we see;

There is a cut of life in every piece of me.

‘Tis you who made an amazing story out of me.

You’re my precious gift of life,

For you are my destiny.


 What’s your story?

I wish you well ~ Jeques


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