Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

The Sea, You And Me


I’ve seen how everything are connected

Somehow we are one ~ interrelated.

As I tread the sands stretching to the sea,

And I’m engulfed by its infinity.

I watch in great wonder: how God links things,

And how he connected you to me ~

The sea waves gently kissing the seashores;

The shores bed to the infinite sands;

The sands stretching to the roads leading me home.

The home inside my heart where you belong.

You are safe in my heart, you are home.

Outdoors streets you will see.

Walk the streets, it will take you to me.

The streets opens to the highways, to somewhere

To the beach, maybe. Where the sands are gathered

Forming the fine strands kissed by the sea.

The sea that stretches reaching me here.

The enormous sea that links you and me.


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