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A Traveler’s Soliloquy (Part I)

note: please read the prologue first. 


The sun paints the skies with pastel traces.

My body clock rings the alarm as planned.

I can always reckon on my senses;

Even here in this idyllic island.


Slowly, I inure my eyes to the light.

The faint moon vanishes beyond the fronds.

I slept outdoor on a hammock last night.

To view this morning, Boracay’s white sands.


‘Tis strange my soul ever longs to be here.

This isle inspires rich poetry in me.

Like my Chasing The Light last summer,

Which I wrote on the road through my journey.



Yesterday, packed with the trip’s essentials,

I left home just before the break of day.

Cruised the course of highways like the seagulls

My astute eyes are set upon the sea.


I followed the trails of my memories

And seize the bliss of my present forays.


 Boracay Island, Philippines. Summer, 2006

A 7-piece poetry series I wrote during my last summer vacation in Boracay Island, Philippines before I left the country in 2006.

And when I think of it, I guess it is true that people always arrive at the right moment at the right place where someone awaits them. From the book, The Pilgrimage, by Paulo Coelho.


6 responses

  1. isn’t it amazing that being alone can sometimes bring out the muse in you?

    being a poet allows you to paint subjects that ordinary eyes cant see and it is evident on your poem here 🙂

    PM00000070000002031 10, 2007 at 12:00 pm08

  2. jeques

    Yeah, and that’s one of the few bliss of being single since birth. Some people make a mistake thinking that loners are lonely people; not necessarily. Well, for me at least. I have learned to fully embrace my solitude. There are low moments of course, so are there lonely poetry, and subjects to write or paint and expressed in art works. And there are happy thoughts, too, lots of them. I’ve learned to commune with every details of things without interruptions that couples in ordinary times are unable to see. Grateful people are those who see blessings from every little things. Ungrateful people doesn’t. I could write ideal romance or heart breaks and not necessarily feeling the hurt that comes with it. It is nice to be sitted on a fence and seeing both sides. One thing I’ve learned, people always long to see the other side. Why wish for just one when you can see both?

    But there are pitfalls, too, that in time I have learned to see coming. Don’t mistake me for an antisocial though, my friends actually call me life of a party. I just choose my crowd. The advantage of being solitary is I’m able to distance myself and reserve surprises to offer when it’s time to come out.

    I’m not afraid to live my sorrow, I embrace my solitude, I celebrate life!

    I wish you well ~ Jeques

    AM000000120000000131 10, 2007 at 12:00 am08

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  4. jeques, i wrote similar poem with the hammock. it’s titled “happiness is hammock under a tree”. i confess, i never been to boracay or even guimaras. but i have been to puerto galera. i will try to finish all these soliloquy, then i will make a lengthy dissection of your 7 part poems.

    AM00000020000000530 10, 2007 at 12:00 am09

  5. it’s filed under april 2006 archive, the poem “happiness is a hammock under the shady tree”

    AM00000020000002030 10, 2007 at 12:00 am09

  6. Marvin,

    Thanks for dropping by again to read my posts.

    This is becoming an interactive already – I like it. It’s always inspiring to collaborate poetry to someone like you who understands.

    By the way, there’s a prologue that comes before the part 1, I really hope you could read it in chronological order so you would absorb better its essence.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    AM00000020000003030 10, 2007 at 12:00 am09

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