Taming This Tyke's Voice Since 2007

Memoir Of Our Love’s Twilight(sonnet)

I watch the gray twilight through my window
‘Tis dark, and I can’t see the setting sun.
The dusk is darkened by the cloud’s shadow;
The birds that criss-cross the skies are now gone.
My eyes trace the silhouette of a tree;
‘Tis there, but like you, I no longer see.
You’re into places since I set you free;
Oft I wonder if you still think of me.
Tonight, as I rove to the land of dreams,
I hold your thoughts close, afraid to drop you
and lose you in to oblivion’s dark streams.
Oft I doubt if you keep me that way,too.

                       Tomorrow, when the sun would rise again,
                       I pray there’ll be no clouds, and will not rain.

~ Jeques


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